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Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

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Recently, our local online news source has published an article: Nice guys finish last. Click here to read it. The page will open in a new window, so you will not lose the page you are on now.

The article is about a former “nice guy” Marty Kihns who wrote a book about his experience called:

“[easyazon-link asin=”0767927265″ locale=”us”]Asshole: How I Got Rich & Happy by Not Giving a Damn About Anyone & How You Can, Too[/easyazon-link]”

This type of issue is very contemporary and I am sure many of you will recall instances of having to interact with people who could also have qualified to write such a book.

At the time, the article evoked considerable comment and feedback, which is no longer available.

I submitted a comment;  reproduced here for your convenience:

Perhaps we should consider the following two historical figures:

Adolf Hitler – a bad guy who finished last.

Alexander The Great – a nice guy who finished first – he looked after his men very well, and also allowed peoples he defeated to maintain their religions & some other practices. An example of an assertive, tough, but decent man. Sure, he is not the best example of a nice guy and not all of his conquests were in self defence, however he did many things which are frowned on by people who believe nice guys finish last; which is my point > arguably the greatest military commander in history did lots of the “nice” things which the “assholes finish first people” would advise against. So whose advice do we want? And what are their “qualifications”?

I am a former 1st division (elite) asshole too, but now a genuinely nice guy. Personally I find I often finish first these days and would never go back to how I was. At times I allow others to finish first too. And the “odd” thing is, I’m also the guy that the bad guys trust, and turn to when they are down.

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