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Kitten Therapy For Stress

stressOk, I admit that I am a cat lover – a ‘cat person’.

I like little cats, big cats, adult cats and kittens.

I like black cats too and do not regard them negatively, unlike some. Few know that a black cat is considered a sign of bad luck and death for Muslims. Click here for more information about black cats and positive/negative superstition.

Currently I have a bicolour Tabby and a brown Burmese.

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a type of therapy which incorporates animals as a form of treatment. AAT aims to improve recipient’s emotional, social, or cognitive functioning.

Kitten therapy for stress is simply one variety of animal-assisted therapy. It is not same as using a ‘Therapy cat’; which may be specially trained – or at the very least assessed as being especially suited to the demands of regular animal-assisted therapy work.

Check out this lovely video featuring kitten therapy for stress:

I enjoyed seeing the kittens interacting with people and each other, as well as the reactions of bystanders (therapy was held in a sealed environment (perspex or glass walled) in a public area).

Perhaps consider how you can benefit from more interaction with cats/kittens.

If you are unable to keep a cat of your own, why not consider volunteering with an animal welfare organisation? Besides general needs, cats in these institutions need to be groomed, petted, played with and ‘made a fuss of’ – you could help them, and help yourself at the same time. If you live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, two local animal welfare organisations are: Wildcats Qld (Sally, my bicolour Tabby came from Wildcats) and the Animal Welfare League.

For those interested in the totemic/power animal side of cats, here are some links: