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Am I Following You On Twitter?

Perhaps you have a question: Am I following you on Twitter?

The answer:

  1. Maybe.
  2. Does it really matter?

My Twitter account: @LARRowan.

My Twitter lists are here. Some of my lists are private, so you won’t see them. Gotta have some secrets ;-)

I use TweetDeck as my main Twitter client.

I only follow Twitter accounts which I want to read in my Twitter stream. Following huge numbers of accounts is not for me and as I outline on my Twitter Policy page, this ‘follow back’ stuff  is not ideal. Here is an interesting and well thought out article, which mentions following back, on the Bruce Clay Inc website: What Happened When I Stopped Following and Started Listening.

Of course, having Twitter lists is a form of following – in fact, lists make it easier to follow particular topics and groups of people.


  • if I am following you on another Twitter account am I not ‘following you back’?
  • if I unfollow you on one account to follow on another (‘recategorising’), or put you in a list, have I unfollowed you?
  • if I am following you in a list, am I not following you?
  • if I am following you in a private list, am I not following you? You wouldn’t know unless I told you of course.

Perhaps you might consider having less of a ‘followback’ focus?

Personally, my focus is on Tweeting quality content and relating to people. I do not need to follow huge numbers of people to do this, or follow them from every account.

Have you noticed how many of the ‘clearly astute’ people don’t follow hordes of Twitter accounts. The Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Brian Clark of CopybloggerPaulo Coelho, Tony Robbins are just some examples. Following hordes of people does not mean someone is not astute of course, however it might raise some concerning questions.

Food for thought…

In this post: Update To The Unfollow Experiment, Chris Brogan, a renowned expert in social media, writes:

“I learned a long time ago that it doesn’t matter whether 190K people follow me or not. The most clicks I’ve ever received for a tweet were around 200. Almost 200K people follow me, but barely a few hundred at ANY time ever respond to my tweets or take any action. Ever.
And believe me, the weeks after the unfollow experiment proved to me that several thousand people weren’t seeing my tweets, because I tweeted the unfollowing several dozen times, and still (now, today) get questions about it.”

Chris Brogan doesn’t follow many accounts either.

I get followed by a lot of people who follow me for a short while to see if they will get a follow back and then unfollow if I don’t follow back. I get so tempted to block most them – many will refollow down the track, going through the whole process again and are thus in some respects spammy. My time is taken up looking at their bios to see if I want to follow or add to a list, which is fair enough on the first follow. If they had simply kept following me then I would not have to repeatedly check their bios etc and thus a block would help. Clearly, most are not interested in anything but a follow back. What a poor internal quality of life many of them must have.

So, what is your Twitter philosophy? What are your views on what I have said? Please let me know.

More information:

  1. My Twitter Policy page
  2. Advice from Twitter: “don’t feel obligated to follow everyone who follows you”
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Are Cyber Friends Real?

Social Circle Online Friend Network

Today, in our local online news source we have an article which claims that our new cyber technology is adversely affecting our friendships and which concludes that today, some people have fewer friends.

Human contact is a cyber failing

The article claims that the real culprit is technology.

I disagree. Whilst in some respects, I do think that technology misused can cause friendship problems for people, I think that the real reasons for the increased isolation of some people are very different.

I have been an avid user of new technology for many years and have carefully studied its impact both on myself and others, from a human relationship perspective.

There are many ways in which modern technology is being used to enhance relationships and examples include:

1) Keeping in touch more regularly and more often – these days it is so much easier to keep in contact with others. Regular communication is one of the factors which can enhance relationships greatly.

2) The types/methods of contact are more varied today, and these can enrich relationships. One less obvious example is where a young person on a world trip can regularly create a photo blog documenting their experiences and travels. Parents, family members and others can therefore feel much more involved in the young person’s life.

3) Opportunities to meet other people – the Internet has many good examples of different ways we can network and interact with others for a variety of reasons. It is very easy to seek people of like mind, with whom we are likely to have a rapport. Rapport is one of the key relationship drivers.

4) Self acceptance – as a counselor I have at times used the Internet to prove to people that others are just like them. This can be particularly liberating to some people. I have also noticed that the Internet has fostered a gradual coming out of different types of personality/preference groups.

5) As a former Private Investigator, modern technology, and in particular the Internet, has helped me to locate missing family members or friends, leading to many happy reunions.

6) I met some lovely ladies online via Internet dating – this was back in the days when there was still a stigma about Internet dating and a fair bit of “media hysteria” about the subject. Fortunately for me, none turned out to be an axe murderer.

7) Recently I read an interesting article, which detailed how a young woman somewhere in Asia was saved by people online – most of them strangers – when she attempted to commit suicide. Her attempt was genuine, so the actions of these people were extremely important – she would have died without their intervention.

There are many other ways in which modern technology enhances and improves relationships & intimacy, however I want to end by making the simple point that like anything, technology can be misused, and we all have both an opportunity, and a responsibility, to use it correctly. With a positive mind set, we will find many ways in which technology can improve our relationships.

Media, or other hysteria is unhelpful and counter productive, and among other things, encourages the blame mentality. 2008 has arrived, the technology is here, the technology is changing the world dramatically – let’s focus on using it positively and for good.

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