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Why We Need To Support Our Police

Before I kick off with the main points of this article, I will cover some background issues/disclaimers/disclosures:

  • I am not a current, nor former member, of any police force.
  • I do not have, and have not had, any relatives in the police, though a cousin (by marriage) was the Chief Justice of Queensland until July 2014. He is now the Governor of Queensland.
  • Some family members and close friends are/were former members of the British (& foreign) Security Services and/or military, including Intelligence & Special Forces – as such, they had some ‘policing’ roles.
  • When I was a teenager I got into trouble with the police.
  • I have been busted for speeding in 1979 and 2001, and started driving in 1976 at age 14 (the locale where I lived at the time allowed 14 year olds to ride unrestricted motorcycles up to 100cc).
  • I am a keen supporter of the police.
  • I have advocated for harsher penalties for speeding offences. (Are Speed Cameras Revenue Raisers?)
  • During the ‘Cold War’ I assisted people who were suffering human rights abuses behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was of course then very much a ‘police state’. I am not a supporter of such police states.
  • I have a top no claims bonus rating on my motor vehicle insurance.
  • My first, and last, at fault motor vehicle insurance claim was in 1981.
  • I obtained a car license in 1979.
  • I have a policy of not driving at all if I have ANY alcohol in my system. Even below the legally allowed limit of 0.05, my driving ability is impaired (probably partly because I have a low alcohol tolerance due to rare consumption). I do not wish to endanger myself or other road users.
  • Driving history includes driving a 10 ton truck, a six wheeled amphibious vehicle and a tracked armoured vehicle (APC).
  • My local police command is the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

Some years ago I came across a quote, by an unknown author:

“A society that makes war against its police had better learn to make friends with criminals.”

Police beaconThis quote is at the core of my article.

You see, it is so easy to take the police for granted, to see the police as ‘killjoys’ and ‘spoilsports’; yet the police do a great deal for us which goes unnoticed, and unappreciated.

To illustrate the point, let’s look at how things might be if there were no police.

A good example is what happened in the town of Aberystwyth, West Wales, United Kingdom. The articles I have linked to below relate the story  in detail, however the basic point is that due to a bureaucratic mix up, the town was left without traffic wardens. The result was chaos as selfishness surfaced and parking ‘law & order’ disappeared. Many people were glad when traffic wardens returned. Traffic wardens are of course not police, however they are ‘authority’ and in a sense, a kind of police.

Anarchy rules in town with no traffic wardens: Punch-ups over parking spaces in Aberystwyth | Daily Mail Online

Car-mageddon! Do you dream of a world without traffic wardens? Then read what happened in the town that tried it … | Daily Mail Online

I quote from one of the articles: “a survey revealed that traffic wardens were the profession most hated by the British public”.

Personally, I like traffic wardens.


Because traffic wardens mean I can get a park and am not hindered unduly by a bunch of selfish bastards.

I like the police for similar reasons, and more.

The police look after society, keeping the criminals and other selfish assholes under pressure.

Because of the police, we live a relatively peaceful and safe lifestyle.

Without the police we would have to befriend the criminals to get ‘help’.

The police have a tough job. Beside dealing with some extremely nasty, and sometimes dangerous people, they have to clear up after horrific events, work nights and public holidays, and put up with multitudes in society who at best do not appreciate them, and at worst hate them.

The police do a lot that you will never become aware of. Many police operations do not get publicity, yet we as a society benefit from reduced serious crime, reduced terrorism and more.

Now, some will like to point out that there are bad police and that there has been/is corruption. It is a fact of life that every profession has its ‘bad apples’. Places like the Soviet Union give us a good example of what is wrong with a ‘police state’ and the importance of having checks and balances to prevent such abuses. All this does not mean however that we do not need the police, or that the police should not have widespread public support and appreciation.

Have you considered that at times the police can save you from yourself? And that is a good thing?

I have a personal example of this…

You see, I have a policy of not speeding, despite having a powerful car and thinking that some speed limits are poorly thought out. My car is very comfortable and smooth however, and accordingly easily accelerates quickly without it being overly obvious to the occupants. I had a tendency to, with a clear and open road, to accelerate up to the speed limit promptly so that I was doing the limit and thus maximizing time savings without breaking the law. I noticed that this meant that I often made the next set of lights in time to cross legally (and without speeding), along with numerous people who were speeding, thus I saved even more time. At times I reflected philosophically on how heavy enforcement of speed limits nowadays had contributed to a situation where some people had an increased desire to get up to the speed limit sooner. Anyway, I was surprised to get pulled over by a motorcycle cop while cruising at 80kph in an 80 zone. I did not receive a ticket, however I was told off. He had noticed me accelerating quickly at an earlier junction. I was very grateful for the officer stopping me and pointing this out. I told him I appreciated it and thanked him. Sometimes we need to have our ‘chain yanked’ and shortcomings pointed out. The officer assumed I had been speeding in an earlier 70kph (I had not been), I guess because of his road offender profiling experience and this to some extent will have influenced his desire to stop me. (As it happens, I had accelerated faster than normal because I suspected the person in the next lane, who had come to a heavy stop over the line after erratically cruising down the hill, might have been drinking and I wanted to get clear, rather than be behind/alongside him/her and at higher risk. I never got the chance to tell the police officer this).

As a result of my traffic stop by the police officer, I immediately reflected on the situation and changed my accelerating policy. I could see that there were some ‘holes’ in my thinking, partly due to the ‘cocoon like’ nature of my car. It also caused me to reflect on my attitudes toward personal time management (part of my work includes helping people become more productive).

Anyway, I am extremely grateful for that police officer. Among other things, he helped me to grow and to improve both my driving and my thinking.

One has to be able to ‘walk the talk’. Can you? Do you appreciate it when someone tells you that you are wrong?

One unfortunate consequence of my traffic stop was that it may have resulted in a suspected drunk driver being able to continue on his/her ‘merry’ way. Which brings me to my last point…one of the ways we can support the police and enable them to deploy their limited resources at ‘higher value targets’, is to ‘toe the line’ and not waste their time – these days, there are an increasingly number of people in the community who mean us a great deal of harm.

In conclusion  then, I extend my thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all honorable police officers everywhere. Blessings for the festive season and New Year.

Do You Worry About Australian Government Surveillance?

Internet security concept the words big brother is watching on a digital tablet screen with a magnifying glassDoes Australian Government surveillance bother you?

Should it?

Today, the Sydney Morning Herald writes:

Federal government departments are using increasingly powerful cyber-snooping equipment to monitor the social media lives of millions of Australians.

I am not going to comment on specific issues mentioned in the article. Instead, I will discuss broader issues.

My first, and somewhat cheeky reaction, was ‘Wave!’ Arms shake vigorously.

Some might surmise that I am not concerned because my response is levity. They would be right.

So, why is that?

Before I answer, let me cover some background points.

  • I am a strong lover of personal and societal freedom. Speech, religious affiliation, political affiliation, right to bear arms and more. You get the idea.
  • Usually, I consider the ‘big picture’ before looking at the minutiae.
  • Just because someone is anti government surveillance does not necessarily infer that they are bad, criminal or have other negative character traits.

Back to the why…

  1. Government surveillance can help to ‘manage’ threats to community well-being. Do you have the time, or the resources, to keep watch on people who might want to do you harm – like leave bombs on buses, or attack shopping centres? Someone has to do it…because if someone doesn’t…somebody else is coming to ‘do it’ to you. Guaranteed. Humans can be so ‘nice’ rotten. By the way; people using the term ‘animal’ to describe someone nasty does not make sense.
  2. We never hear about the majority of government surveillance successes in curtailing the activity of bad people. We never get to experience most of such people’s rotten plans either.
  3. Specific incidents can be exceptions to general rule. There are ‘bad eggs’ in government, the same as in all walks of life.
  4. One of the ‘costs’ of living in a relatively peaceful society includes some state surveillance. Be grateful you can largely live in peace. And by the way, a lot of that is due to our often much maligned Police, who in reality do a terrific job of looking after us. Gratitude.
  5. For a ‘Surveillance State’ to become a serious problem, other more serious warning signs would appear first. In our society, significant ‘roadblocks’ would get in the way – these are beyond the scope of this article.
  6. Governments can be bad, or turn bad. Remember – the Warsaw Pact/Soviet Bloc during the Cold War conducted massive surveillance. They all toppled in the end. We are thankfully nowhere near that stage.
  7. My peace of mind is not of this world. This is not a ‘religious’ or even in one sense a ‘spiritual’ thing; it is part of the deep fabric of my life today. Yes, it has a spiritual aspect however I am ‘pickled’ in it – it is not something spiritual I do a few times a week. Or at Christmas or Easter.
  8. Why are you concerned about surveillance? Do you have something to hide? Are you arrogant perhaps, with an over estimation of your own importance, ‘rights’ etc? Or maybe you suffer from some kind of anxiety or paranoia (I can help with those)? If you have a genuine concern, then you have avenues for redress in our society – thankfully.
  9. Edward Snowden is a traitor. To some, he is a ‘champion’ exposing the big bad government ‘endangering us all’. In truth though, the biggest danger currently is not the government/surveillance state – it’s the lone wolf with a highly contagious biological agent that’s airborne. What Snowden did has severely compromised governmental ability to find and stop guys like that before they get to give you a sniff. Thanks Ed.

Anyway, if you are a government snoop reading this…be good! And keep up the good work. Oh yeah…and thanks very much – the air is lovely and clean round here. If you need any information about people in my region, you know who to call.

Will Increased Gun Control Prevent Massacres?


If you are deluded, or ‘politically correct’, this post might not make pleasant reading. Click here to be taken to La La Land.

We have just witnessed the terrible, and sad, shooting of little children, and adults, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, US, by 20-year-old Adam Lanza; who had serious mental health issues.

As a result, the calls for increased gun control have become much more urgent and intense. Some are hysterical.

In my view, these are ‘knee jerk’ and misguided reactions.

Here are just some reasons why:

  • Criminals and the mentally ill will always be able to obtain guns, even in societies with draconian gun control laws. We have such gun control here in Australia and yet illegal guns, and their usage, are common. Simply: gun control will not stop the likes of Adam Lanza obtaining the means to kill lots of people. Get over it. It’s the truth.
  • Some people make claims that evidence shows that in a sudden crisis, members of the public (civilians) with guns either fail to respond, or do so, but shoot at the incorrect target. Even if this is true, it does not mean that civilians should not have guns for defence of themselves or others, including people in their care. If true, and in any case, civilians with guns should have appropriate training in combat shooting; thus enabling response, accurate response and take down of the offender. Simply making an excuse along the lines of this claim is irresponsible. Why? Because someday, tighter gun control laws or not, someone could be coming to shoot you and people in your care. People should prepare properly and ensure they are adequately trained and equipped to deal with people like Adam Lanza. Educational establishments in the US have been regular targets of crazed gunmen. I presume that some people might now wish that key staff at Sandy Hook Elementary not only had firearms, but were suitably trained to use them and to ensure the safety of the children. How many of those dead children might still be alive? Why wasn’t the school properly prepared? The risks are, and were, clear.
  • Significant numbers of the public have already had training in military combat shooting. I have for example, however if I had been at an Australian school when a gunman burst in, I would have had nothing with which to engage him and return fire because of our draconian gun control laws. More people, including myself, would probably have died as a result. Gun control laws can increase the death rates of innocents. This is the fault of society, draconian gun control laws and the people who vote for them.
  • Ask yourself, and don’t forget to be honest; if you think that people who were shot by a madman would NOT like a second chance at life, but this time holding a 9mm automatic pistol? Perhaps that might be a pistol denied to them by a smarmy politician who has the ‘do-gooder’ delusion.
  • Gun control, to be ‘effective’, has to stop every gun getting to every nutter, or criminal. It’s never going to happen.
  • Advocating increased gun control laws can mask and aid in obscuring the real failures in our society.
  • Myself, and others, have come across a common view among law enforcement officers that they like the ‘good guys’ to have guns.
  • In the event of an invasion by an enemy power, an armed citizenry can do much to help the armed forces in defence.
  • I had a girlfriend who, alone with her baby, used an Uzi on automatic to defend herself and child against a group of armed terrorists. She was Rhodesian (older than I) and a lovely warm-hearted lady. I dread to think what might have happened to her and baby had she not had her trusty Uzi. I met the ‘baby’ fully grown and pondered the issue that she had life thanks to a sub-machine gun.
  • Switzerland has very high gun ownership, yet we do not hear of the kinds of problems experienced in the US. High Swiss gun ownership is not the reason for lower crime. Simply speaking; the facts are that the problem is not gun ownership.It lies elsewhere. Got it?

But perhaps you might need to ask yourself another question: Am I thick or what?

Join the real world and accept the truth, no matter how painful or ‘unpleasant’ it is.

If confronted with a criminal or madman with a gun, and you don’t have a gun, or do but don’t know how to/have the presence of mind to use it, you and people you care for are likely to die because a gun usually beats hands, knives or similar. Excessive gun control, and abhorrence for firearms, costs people’s’ lives.

Personally, I am upset about the death of the people at Sandy Hook. Upset at the tragic loss and lives wasted, upset at the parental and community trauma, upset at the fact that such a loser could do so much damage and have a ‘win’ in his twisted vile way. Upset that nobody was properly equipped to kill that bastard Adam Lanza before he got to those little angels. Yes, I am upset. And tired of the stinking thinking which exacerbates these situations.

The bad guys will always get guns. One day they could be coming for you or those you love/care for. Remember that when you vote. Hopefully you won’t be the guy that brings a knife to a gunfight.

Further reading:

To stop school shootings, we should let criminals have all the guns, argue gun control advocates | Natural News – The Health Ranger

Gun control? We need medication control! Newton elementary school shooter Adam Lanza likely on meds; labeled as having ‘personality disorder’ | Natural News – The Health Ranger

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NRA’s response to Sandy Hook massacre : ‘The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun’ – ‘I call on Congress today to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation’.

Gandhi advocated the right to bear arms; use of ‘violence’ to defend innocents against bullying, oppression.

Stop and think – and you will realise that banning guns is a waste of time | Mail Online

We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
Ronald Reagan

Anti Child Abuse

Child abuse in the churchIn my work as a former Private Investigator (and current counsellor/life coach/executive coach) I have sadly discovered that the problem of child abuse is much more serious and common than many people think. Offenders have included a wide variety of people ranging from a 15 year old boy (In 2004, who was into bestiality as well as pedophilia – see notes # at foot of page for more information) to apparently normal and upstanding members of society.

And need I mention Jimmy Saville?

These links and resources may help you identify signs of abuse or otherwise help to reduce the incidence and effects of this nasty behaviour.


Hetty Johnston founded White Balloon Day in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia during Child Protection Week, September 1997. White Balloon Day was created in response to the revelation that a family member was a paedophile. A brave disclosure by a 7 year old led to the realisation that this much-loved family elder had preyed on innocent children and their trusting parents for 40 years. Compounding this tragedy was the fact that this 40 year reign of terror had never been disclosed, let alone reported. With the support of her family, Hetty decided that the time had come to lift the cone of silence that has, for too long, aided and abetted the assault and torture of our most vulnerable members of society, our children. Bravehearts Inc is the result.

Recognizing When a Child’s Injury or Illness Is Caused by Abuse This is a very useful resource indeed. Especially for those people who are not quite sure that something bad may be happening. A good example is the Bruises page where you will find information on how to determine the ages of bruises to see if their ages are consistent with the caretaker’s explanation of the times of injury.

BUACA – Bikers United Against Child Abuse – BUACA is NOT in any way an Outlaw (OMCG organisation ) – it is a Social Club NOW and ALWAYS

Kids’ blogs a ‘paedophile’s dream’ – an older article from January 2005, but still very relevant today.

Virtual Global Taskforce – The Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) is made up of police forces from around the world working together to fight online child abuse.

MAKO – Movement Against Kindred Offenders

Perverted Justice

ASACP – Association Of Sites Advocating Child Protection. Report A Child Porn Site.

Building Stronger Families -protecting children against sexual abuse. – The Mama Bear Effect

The Grey Man – is an Australian registered charity & international organisation dedicated to eradicating the trafficking & exploitation of children. The Grey Man organisation includes many former Police and Special Forces.

ThinkUKnow – ThinkUKnow is an Internet safety program delivering interactive training to parents, carers and teachers through primary and secondary schools across Australia using a network of accredited trainers. Created by the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre, ThinkUKnow Australia has been developed by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Microsoft Australia.

Article: Child sex abuse map tracks live electronic paedophile activity in Queensland

Article: Facebook vigilante posts 6,000 photos of convicted paedophiles and sex offenders online as ‘invaluable tool for parents’

NAPCAN (National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) – Australia.

Urban dictionary of “Rock Spider” – uses strong language.

Followers of Islam (Muslims) might be a risk to children. Here is just one example: Islam and Sex with InfantsAlisina.org. And by the way…what ‘race’ is Islam? It is not a race, it is a religion, philosophy, way of thinking and more.

Beyond Survivor – The Wounded Warrior Blog: Ten Signs Of Child Abuse

Children commit up to half of all child sexual abuse, experts estimate.

The Queensland State Government have introduced the Blue Card – Positive notice for Child Related Employment system which implements a security vetting procedure on people who work with children. You can find out more about it here. It is a great idea, however it is not foolproof and does not identify those people (pedophiles) who have not yet been caught.

In summary; I suggest that if you come across critical warning signs, or a child tells you about abuse, that you do something about it (report it to law enforcement authorities). Reporting it to some church elder, pastor, club manager is probably not a good idea at all (due to frequency of collusion or cover-ups) – it is a matter for law enforcement, who have a good understanding of all the procedures required in dealing with the situation and have powers to arrange protection for the child victims. If you tell other people (non law enforcement) about it, then the offender may get wind of the discovery and destroy evidence, or even harm the child. These other people (you tell, such as church or club leaders etc) may attempt to cover up the offence too – we have seen so much evidence of that. Just report child abuse to law enforcement. And don’t take the law into your own hands, or mention the situation to the local ‘hotheads’ or outlaw motorcycle gang.

stop child abuse signMy personal view

I am in favor of capital punishment – the death penalty – for serious child abuse*. In Australia and the UK (& some other countries), offenders are usually released back into the community after serving their sentence. Re-offence rates are very high.

Some people might claim that the death penalty is too harsh for these scum and that I am barbaric. Perhaps they should consider that it is our weak society which is truly barbaric. For example: A paedophile is sentenced to jail. In time, he gets out of jail. Most pedophiles will re-offend. Society has in these cases allowed the new case(s) of child abuse to occur because society/government let the bastards out of jail, knowing the statistics regarding re-offence rates. Simply speaking, our so-called caring, Christian, and/or politically correct / ‘do gooder’ society has allowed further child abuse and severe suffering. Society is in these cases partly responsible and therefore there is blood on society’s hands.

Of course, kiddie fiddlers could be kept in jail indefinitely and some indeed are. In fact, I know that in some Australian states, some offenders are kept in jail beyond the term of their prison sentence. This is good. I have a number of reasons why I favor capital punishment for serious child abuse, however will not detail them here. I am a Philosopher and have thought deeply about it. I know that significant numbers of people from across society also favor the death penalty for this type of thing. The law protects paedophiles from people like me who won’t break the law (See note below about ‘duality’).

I recall a memory from many years ago when I lived in the United Kingdom, of a UK prison warder (Screw) I knew, who said that child molesters in prison had some peculiar habits. He went on to tell that because pedophiles were in danger from the ‘ordinary criminals’ in prison they had to be kept separate and escorted by two warders if moving from one part of the prison to another. The odd thing was, said the prison warden, that for some strange reason child molesters had a frequent habit, while being escorted, of falling down stairs, sometimes injuring themselves quite badly. The prison officer said it was all very odd because other prisoners (ordinary criminals) did not do this.

It is, of course, possible for someone who genuinely wants to change, to overcome their sexual interest in people under the age of 16 (16 is the age of sexual consent here in Australia, and in the UK), however in most cases it is likely to require some very deep work on their subconscious. We need to also bear in mind that some people go on to abuse children ‘because’ they were abused themselves. This is no excuse however and some such people do not go on to abuse kids. Personally, I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually abused by both my parents, and physically abused by my father (extreme beatings – one was so bad that a fellow pupil wanted to report it to my school principal), yet I did not turn into a child beater or otherwise abuse kids in my life. In fact, one stepson of his own accord, even volunteered that I loved him, while telling me that he hated me. We need to take personal responsibility for fixing our lives. My mental problems were so bad that even the ‘professionals’ (as many of them like to call themselves in their marketing) could not help me – imagine how disconcerting that must have seemed to me at the time – and I decided I would find the solution myself, in spite of everything.

My view is that if a pedophile genuinely wants to change, then we as a society need to help and facilitate that. In one sense, who are we to judge if someone truly ‘repents’? Don’t we want ‘forgiveness’ for our errors? If so, how can we be contradictory by not forgiving others who genuinely want to, or do change? Isn’t that a double standard? The problem tends to be however that many (perhaps most?) of these offenders do not want to change and it is also difficult to determine whether signs of contrition are genuine. Should we subject them to lie detector tests? (Those can be beaten). It seems that developments in neuroscience will in future enable us to know for sure if someone is lying, which might be good in this case, however it also smacks of George Orwell’s 1984.

In summary then, I have a ‘duality’ toward pedophiles – on the one hand; an extremely intense hostility toward those who want to persist in their sick ways, and on the other; a compassionate, helpful attitude to those that genuinely want assistance in changing. As someone with extensive experience in fixing deep subconscious issues, I am well able to help them change and as such have a ‘responsibility’ to do so, if they ask. The sense of responsibility is not only to them, but to society at large, because my help could save a child in the future.

Here is a particularly pertinent article in Scientific American ™ from which I quote: a perfectly normal man turned into a pedophile by a massive tumor at the base of his orbitofrontal cortexSearching for the True Sources of Crime – Where neuroscience meets criminology

* By serious child abuse I do not mean things like the 15 year old guy who seduces his teacher; who should know better, is clearly breaking the law and in the wrong.

# Additional notes about 15 year old offender mentioned above – the offending was reported to Queensland State Police. Australian Federal Police officers were also involved due to additional national security concerns unrelated to the pedophilia. He admitted the offences, took steps to successfully ensure that the Police were unable to gain evidence sufficient for Court, and declined offered psychological help. His avoidance of justice and therapy was aided & abetted by other individuals. He tried to ‘demonise’ key people who were aware of his real nature. He is recalcitrant today. Yes, the guy is a thoroughly nasty bit of work.

## Spelling note: the use of different spellings for pedophile in this article is deliberate.