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How Well Known Is The Christian Cross?

For many of us here in ‘the west’ the Christian cross is a well-known symbol.

Celtic cross

Like me, I expect many people would be extremely surprised to discover that a brand symbol, around 100 years old, is more widely known than Christianity’s symbol, upon which Jesus was reportedly crucified.

Besides the obvious interest in this fact from a ‘trivia perspective’, it is fascinating for a number of reasons which include:

1. The pervasive nature of Christianity in our society leads to surprise that this situation could occur.

2. Christianity, despite claiming to have a wonderful and critically important message, is much less meaningful, relevant and powerful than most might tend to think; especially adherents of the Christian faith.

3. A focus on quality, delivering results, listening to people, innovation and making a difference in people’s lives not only matters, it also permits entry into the deep collective psyche.

If we look at this another way, we must ask ourselves: How can a modern brand – a product – in grain  itself so deeply in our collective psyche that it surpasses the Christian cross?

Permit me to suggest an answer…

The brand of course deserves its reputation, however Christianity, due to, and according to, its claims, should be much more relevant to people than a product. Christianity is not, which is due in significant part to the behaviour of Christ’s so-called followers.

If they, the Christians, cannot be a good and powerful ‘living epistle‘ (an example, a kind of advert) for ‘the way of the cross’ (Christianity) and all it stands for, then it is no surprise that a three-pointed star is more recognisable.

In the end, it is results that tell, the fruit that is produced. The Bible tells us: “by their fruits you will know them“.

It is better to be a ‘knower’ than a ‘believer’. Another reason a product brand is better recognised than the Christian cross, is the Christian belief system is yet another man-made religion which, among other things, lacks the power to deeply affect people in the right way.

Once, many years ago, I was a Christian minister. During my involvement with churches I came across a few genuine, sincere and loving people, however most were not. Even from the beginning I realised that a key life focus must be to find truth and wisdom, whatever the cost. I was often heavily persecuted by Christians because I was sincere and genuine. While involved with the church I came across Shamanism (there are some significant aspects of Shamanism in church/Christian practices) and through Shamanism connected with real spiritual/philosophical/psychological experience. I would have missed it had I not had a love and hunger for truth deep down in my psyche. Shamanism by the way, is humanity’s original spirituality; around long before religion came along messed things up. All religions and spiritual practices contain elements of Shamanism – it’s the additional error that causes problems. In fact, one definition of mental illness is: “a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behaviour or thinking” – religion does just that. We see the fruit of it everyday. Madness dressed up as religion. Religion sucks.

Oh, yes, you wanted to know which product brand is more recognisable than the Christian cross?

The symbol – a three-pointed star – appears on the front of one of my cars:

Mercedes Benz SL500 R129 - Convertible 5 Litre V8 in Tourmaline

Mercedes Benz SL500 R129 – Convertible 5 Litre V8 in Tourmaline














1. “The Mercedes-Benz brand is one of the most powerful brands in the world – and almost certainly the most powerful automotive brand. It’s symbol (or Logo), the ‘three-pointed star’, though less than a hundred years old is better recognised around the world than the Christian cross”. [easyazon_link identifier=”047001802X” locale=”US” tag=”amzn06a-20″]Enduring Passion: The Story of the Mercedes-Benz Brand[/easyazon_link] By Leslie Butterfield; one of the world’s most recognised branding experts.

2. Yes, Freyja was very quick, though for legal reasons I never got find out just how quick! More info: Why We Need To Support Our Police. Freyja was a car you ‘wore’, and was a joy to drive.

3. Shamanism is not a religion.

Take A Different View On Difficulty

Flag on the peak illustrationDr. Sharpe said, about miracles:

It is difficulties that give birth to miracles.

Life is difficult.

Life sucks sometimes.

Shit happens.

Can you undo it?

Sometimes, yes. A lot of the time, no.

In those cases, we have no real choice then but to be positive. If we are not, we will only make things harder.

A blunt somewhat tough truth.

I had a shit start to life and had severe mental health issues in the beginning, and on into adulthood.

Today I am hugely grateful for what I suffered and consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world?


Party because of the stuff I know – wisdom learnt along the way – and the deep peace/joy I have within my soul. (Nothing to do with religious shit, though it is spiritual).

Monkey on your back cartoonRecovery was difficult. So much so that goofs in white coats and with certificates on their walls despaired of how to help me. Some of these ‘professionals’ were monkeys on my back.

I am so damn lucky that I had difficulties.

My difficulties were way worse than those encountered by most. Partly because they were deeply entrenched in my ‘baby subconscious’. I was f%$k#d before I even got out of the gate.

My difficulties became a springboard to vibrant life and happiness.

Once I wished I was dead but was too scared to snuff myself. Every day. The pain was so bad.

Today I want to live as long as I can to maximise my service to the world.

So quit moaning about how hard your life is.

Turn your inner compass to the search for truth whatever the price.

Sacrifice your own opinions on the altar of wisdom and truth.

Become humble minded.

And bloody well decide that you WILL overcome no matter what.

Start now.

Call me if you want a hand. I ain’t no monkey.

Kitten Therapy For Stress

stressOk, I admit that I am a cat lover – a ‘cat person’.

I like little cats, big cats, adult cats and kittens.

I like black cats too and do not regard them negatively, unlike some. Few know that a black cat is considered a sign of bad luck and death for Muslims. Click here for more information about black cats and positive/negative superstition.

Currently I have a bicolour Tabby and a brown Burmese.

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a type of therapy which incorporates animals as a form of treatment. AAT aims to improve recipient’s emotional, social, or cognitive functioning.

Kitten therapy for stress is simply one variety of animal-assisted therapy. It is not same as using a ‘Therapy cat’; which may be specially trained – or at the very least assessed as being especially suited to the demands of regular animal-assisted therapy work.

Check out this lovely video featuring kitten therapy for stress:

I enjoyed seeing the kittens interacting with people and each other, as well as the reactions of bystanders (therapy was held in a sealed environment (perspex or glass walled) in a public area).

Perhaps consider how you can benefit from more interaction with cats/kittens.

If you are unable to keep a cat of your own, why not consider volunteering with an animal welfare organisation? Besides general needs, cats in these institutions need to be groomed, petted, played with and ‘made a fuss of’ – you could help them, and help yourself at the same time. If you live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, two local animal welfare organisations are: Wildcats Qld (Sally, my bicolour Tabby came from Wildcats) and the Animal Welfare League.

For those interested in the totemic/power animal side of cats, here are some links:

Cultural Conditioning Can Cause Death

jar of pickled onionsSubconscious mind conditioning can be an extremely dangerous thing…

…not just to you, but to others, including those whom you love – well… those you are supposed to/claim to love.

Take a look at this article: Teenage girl, 15, and her 18-year-old boyfriend killed by train while holding hands in suicide pact ‘because they couldn’t be together for cultural reasons’.

I quote: “The pair left a video about why they couldn’t be together because of ‘cultural and family issues'”

Religious, family and cultural issues can contribute to this type of shocking and terrible waste of being because they are so deeply rooted in our subconscious minds, and thus exert a powerful and pervasive control over our lives. Such cultural conditioning/social conditioning is usually received in childhood, and well before the mind is able to make reasoned and sensible decisions. In other words, we get ‘pickled’ in whatever our parents, family and significant others decide to ‘program’ us with. A pickled onion tastes of vinegar, not onions. Early subconscious mind conditioning can mean that we go through our entire lives thinking a whole load of crap and inflicting ourselves and beliefs upon other people, often believing we are doing the right/best thing.

So, what is the antidote?

It starts with a genuine desire to seek and find truth and wisdom, regardless of our own opinions.

Yes, the ‘price’ is steep.

But it’s worth it.

If you dare.

PS: The term ‘multiculturalism’ is often bandied about today as being a good thing, especially by the ‘politically correct’ brigade. While there are some good aspects to different cultures (and experiencing them), there can be a whole lot of bad – hate, discrimination, murder and more.

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