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Spain’s Psychological Shame

SpainWhat’s the matter with Spain?

Before I begin, let’s define some terms…

By Spain, I mean Spain the country AND the ‘public psyche’ (large numbers of citizens creating the ‘group mind’).

Spanish authorities, from the highest level down to local government, have failed to protect bulls from severe animal abuse.

These Spanish authorities have also failed to protect their citizens from the psychological evils of being involved – either directly or vicariously – in large-scale and persistent animal abuse.

Many people will have heard of the barbaric practice of bull fighting which large numbers of Spaniards enjoy.

Today however I want to highlight the dreadful “Joy of the Bull – or Toro de Jubilo”. This is a ‘festival’ where live animals (bulls) are set on fire and further tormented, while local men vie to show their ‘bravery’ in the presence of the traumatized and enraged animal. Members of the public jump into the ring to aggravate the animal, adding to its confusion and terror.

Have a look at this article for pictures of the cruelty perpetrated at Joy of the Bull – or Toro de Jubilo” :

Horror at Spanish festival where live animals are set on fire: Protesters clash with police in bid to stop cruel tradition

In many countries, cruelty such as seen in the photos is a criminal act and subject to severe penalties.

We should not need penalties to deter us from animal cruelty though – that is…if we are psychologically sound and balanced people.

One of the core reasons why people behave in cruel ways toward animals is that there is something the matter with them – they are not ‘right in the head’.

When we look at the photos of the crowds enjoying the suffering of the bull (calling the festival ‘Joy of the Bull’ is another sign of just how mentally sick they are) we note that these people are sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, grandparents and so on. Many of them have jobs. As such they will have ‘ordinariness’ to their lives – just like you and me. Their tastes in extreme animal cruelty however are not normal, or acceptable, however.

Let’s look at this issue of ‘normalcy’ some more…

I quote from just one article: Animal Abuse and Human Abuse: Partners in Crime

Acts of cruelty to animals are not mere indications of a minor personality flaw in the abuser; they are symptomatic of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there—many of them move on to their fellow humans. “Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids,” says Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

People enjoying the Joy of the Bull – or Toro de Jubilo” show symptoms of a deep mental disturbance. The men directly involved, far from exhibiting bravery, simply show how crazed and vile they are. Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with their being near children or pets.

One of the responsibilities of the state (government) is to safeguard the populace from activities harmful to themselves, health, mental health, other people and animals. Another state responsibility is to set a good example and lead with such. Spain, from a federal level down to local government, is failing in this respect because they have not banned animal cruelty concerning bulls in bull fights and other torturous events such as Joy of the Bull – or Toro de Jubilo”.

So why is this type of animal abuse allowed to persist in Spain? A core reason will be numbers. Large numbers of Spaniards approve of and enjoy animal cruelty. If it were not so, things would have changed.

There are of course good Spaniards and we should be grateful for them. Unfortunately there is a heck of lot of scummy Spaniards who have no shame, and show symptoms of deep mental disturbance. The most chilling aspect of all is that they don’t seem to want to do anything about it. Remember that when considering your next holiday and go somewhere else. Be kind to animals – it’s good for your mental health.

Further reading and useful links:

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Animal abuse






Why Tony Abbott Remaining As Minister For Women Is Lousy Thinking

Unsure woman shrugs her shouldersThe Australian government has a Minister For Women, which is currently Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister.

Official details on the Office For Women are here.

In significant areas of Australian society there are strong anti Abbott sentiments in general, and specifically to do with his holding the office of Minister For Women.

Greens Senator, Larissa Waters, writes: Why Tony Abbott should resign as Minister for Women. Ms Waters raises the issue of Abbott’s behaviour belying the image he is trying to portray. She also provides interesting background information on Tony Abbott, along with critical examples of how women are suffering due to governmental policy.

Personally, as an experienced ‘fruit inspector’ (You will recognize them by their fruits. Matthew 7:16) with an interest in psychological profiling, I have the view that Abbott has a significant ‘mismatch’ between what he really is on the inside and the exterior spin doctor type image on the surface.

Let’s look at this issue from another perspective:

How can one genuinely, and deeply, understand women unless you are one?

How is it biologically and psychologically possible?

Abbott being Minister For Women is evidence of poor thinking and leadership. At the very least it’s really bad PR.




Do You Worry About Australian Government Surveillance?

Internet security concept the words big brother is watching on a digital tablet screen with a magnifying glassDoes Australian Government surveillance bother you?

Should it?

Today, the Sydney Morning Herald writes:

Federal government departments are using increasingly powerful cyber-snooping equipment to monitor the social media lives of millions of Australians.

I am not going to comment on specific issues mentioned in the article. Instead, I will discuss broader issues.

My first, and somewhat cheeky reaction, was ‘Wave!’ Arms shake vigorously.

Some might surmise that I am not concerned because my response is levity. They would be right.

So, why is that?

Before I answer, let me cover some background points.

  • I am a strong lover of personal and societal freedom. Speech, religious affiliation, political affiliation, right to bear arms and more. You get the idea.
  • Usually, I consider the ‘big picture’ before looking at the minutiae.
  • Just because someone is anti government surveillance does not necessarily infer that they are bad, criminal or have other negative character traits.

Back to the why…

  1. Government surveillance can help to ‘manage’ threats to community well-being. Do you have the time, or the resources, to keep watch on people who might want to do you harm – like leave bombs on buses, or attack shopping centres? Someone has to do it…because if someone doesn’t…somebody else is coming to ‘do it’ to you. Guaranteed. Humans can be so ‘nice’ rotten. By the way; people using the term ‘animal’ to describe someone nasty does not make sense.
  2. We never hear about the majority of government surveillance successes in curtailing the activity of bad people. We never get to experience most of such people’s rotten plans either.
  3. Specific incidents can be exceptions to general rule. There are ‘bad eggs’ in government, the same as in all walks of life.
  4. One of the ‘costs’ of living in a relatively peaceful society includes some state surveillance. Be grateful you can largely live in peace. And by the way, a lot of that is due to our often much maligned Police, who in reality do a terrific job of looking after us. Gratitude.
  5. For a ‘Surveillance State’ to become a serious problem, other more serious warning signs would appear first. In our society, significant ‘roadblocks’ would get in the way – these are beyond the scope of this article.
  6. Governments can be bad, or turn bad. Remember – the Warsaw Pact/Soviet Bloc during the Cold War conducted massive surveillance. They all toppled in the end. We are thankfully nowhere near that stage.
  7. My peace of mind is not of this world. This is not a ‘religious’ or even in one sense a ‘spiritual’ thing; it is part of the deep fabric of my life today. Yes, it has a spiritual aspect however I am ‘pickled’ in it – it is not something spiritual I do a few times a week. Or at Christmas or Easter.
  8. Why are you concerned about surveillance? Do you have something to hide? Are you arrogant perhaps, with an over estimation of your own importance, ‘rights’ etc? Or maybe you suffer from some kind of anxiety or paranoia (I can help with those)? If you have a genuine concern, then you have avenues for redress in our society – thankfully.
  9. Edward Snowden is a traitor. To some, he is a ‘champion’ exposing the big bad government ‘endangering us all’. In truth though, the biggest danger currently is not the government/surveillance state – it’s the lone wolf with a highly contagious biological agent that’s airborne. What Snowden did has severely compromised governmental ability to find and stop guys like that before they get to give you a sniff. Thanks Ed.

Anyway, if you are a government snoop reading this…be good! And keep up the good work. Oh yeah…and thanks very much – the air is lovely and clean round here. If you need any information about people in my region, you know who to call.

Will Increased Gun Control Prevent Massacres?


If you are deluded, or ‘politically correct’, this post might not make pleasant reading. Click here to be taken to La La Land.

We have just witnessed the terrible, and sad, shooting of little children, and adults, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, US, by 20-year-old Adam Lanza; who had serious mental health issues.

As a result, the calls for increased gun control have become much more urgent and intense. Some are hysterical.

In my view, these are ‘knee jerk’ and misguided reactions.

Here are just some reasons why:

  • Criminals and the mentally ill will always be able to obtain guns, even in societies with draconian gun control laws. We have such gun control here in Australia and yet illegal guns, and their usage, are common. Simply: gun control will not stop the likes of Adam Lanza obtaining the means to kill lots of people. Get over it. It’s the truth.
  • Some people make claims that evidence shows that in a sudden crisis, members of the public (civilians) with guns either fail to respond, or do so, but shoot at the incorrect target. Even if this is true, it does not mean that civilians should not have guns for defence of themselves or others, including people in their care. If true, and in any case, civilians with guns should have appropriate training in combat shooting; thus enabling response, accurate response and take down of the offender. Simply making an excuse along the lines of this claim is irresponsible. Why? Because someday, tighter gun control laws or not, someone could be coming to shoot you and people in your care. People should prepare properly and ensure they are adequately trained and equipped to deal with people like Adam Lanza. Educational establishments in the US have been regular targets of crazed gunmen. I presume that some people might now wish that key staff at Sandy Hook Elementary not only had firearms, but were suitably trained to use them and to ensure the safety of the children. How many of those dead children might still be alive? Why wasn’t the school properly prepared? The risks are, and were, clear.
  • Significant numbers of the public have already had training in military combat shooting. I have for example, however if I had been at an Australian school when a gunman burst in, I would have had nothing with which to engage him and return fire because of our draconian gun control laws. More people, including myself, would probably have died as a result. Gun control laws can increase the death rates of innocents. This is the fault of society, draconian gun control laws and the people who vote for them.
  • Ask yourself, and don’t forget to be honest; if you think that people who were shot by a madman would NOT like a second chance at life, but this time holding a 9mm automatic pistol? Perhaps that might be a pistol denied to them by a smarmy politician who has the ‘do-gooder’ delusion.
  • Gun control, to be ‘effective’, has to stop every gun getting to every nutter, or criminal. It’s never going to happen.
  • Advocating increased gun control laws can mask and aid in obscuring the real failures in our society.
  • Myself, and others, have come across a common view among law enforcement officers that they like the ‘good guys’ to have guns.
  • In the event of an invasion by an enemy power, an armed citizenry can do much to help the armed forces in defence.
  • I had a girlfriend who, alone with her baby, used an Uzi on automatic to defend herself and child against a group of armed terrorists. She was Rhodesian (older than I) and a lovely warm-hearted lady. I dread to think what might have happened to her and baby had she not had her trusty Uzi. I met the ‘baby’ fully grown and pondered the issue that she had life thanks to a sub-machine gun.
  • Switzerland has very high gun ownership, yet we do not hear of the kinds of problems experienced in the US. High Swiss gun ownership is not the reason for lower crime. Simply speaking; the facts are that the problem is not gun ownership.It lies elsewhere. Got it?

But perhaps you might need to ask yourself another question: Am I thick or what?

Join the real world and accept the truth, no matter how painful or ‘unpleasant’ it is.

If confronted with a criminal or madman with a gun, and you don’t have a gun, or do but don’t know how to/have the presence of mind to use it, you and people you care for are likely to die because a gun usually beats hands, knives or similar. Excessive gun control, and abhorrence for firearms, costs people’s’ lives.

Personally, I am upset about the death of the people at Sandy Hook. Upset at the tragic loss and lives wasted, upset at the parental and community trauma, upset at the fact that such a loser could do so much damage and have a ‘win’ in his twisted vile way. Upset that nobody was properly equipped to kill that bastard Adam Lanza before he got to those little angels. Yes, I am upset. And tired of the stinking thinking which exacerbates these situations.

The bad guys will always get guns. One day they could be coming for you or those you love/care for. Remember that when you vote. Hopefully you won’t be the guy that brings a knife to a gunfight.

Further reading:

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We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
Ronald Reagan