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Me Wearing Nail Polish (Polished Man Campaign)

Stop violence against childrenDid you know that while most men don’t perpetrate violence against children, about 90% of all violence committed against children is by men.

The Polished Man campaign is an innovative fundraising campaign that challenges men to end violence against children.

As part of the campaign, men are being asked to:

  1. Fundraise to support preventative measures of violence against children.
  2. Wear nail polish between the 1st – 15th of September and raise the conversation about ending violence against children.
  3. Be a leader in your community by condemning violence against children.

The Polished Man campaign is a terrific idea and you can find out more here. If you wish, you can donate here. YGAP, who are running the Polished Man campaign, are on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Read more: Giving the (polished) finger: Male celebrities paint their nails in new campaign against child abuse.

I put some nail polish on my left hand – didn’t do an especially good job (well, I’m not used to it).

Picked purple – was going to go for green but someone told me that it might look as if I had a diseased nail!

And wow…doesn’t that stuff stink for ages afterwards! And that’s just for one nail. I feel sorry for ladies who have to repeatedly endure such a chemical stink.

Ok…here is the evidence:

Alex Rowan Polished Man Sept 2014