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What Can We Learn From The Piano Duet With Peter The Elephant?


This is a ‘cute video’.

It’s fun too, however that is not my reason for highlighting it.

The video of Peter the elephant shows that animals have ‘person hood’ – as such it should be harder to do bad things to them. Should be, however life is littered with examples of our ‘lack of soul’.

Because animals have been depersonalised in our society – religious teaching has contributed much of this – it is ‘easier’ to do bad stuff to them. At circuses, factory farms, when we move and abandon pets at ‘pet concentration camps’ (so called shelters where they carry out executions) and much more…

In war, it is much easier to kill an enemy if he has first been ‘demonized’ or depersonalised. Ground attack pilots find it easier to kill people because they can’t see what is happening in the same way as an infantryman can – distance in this case helps foster a depersonalisation effect.

How you treat animals is a key aspect of psychological profiling. It gives an indication of the type of character you have deep inside. Have a think about that. (And if you want help changing your deep conditioning in your subconscious please get in touch).

Think about how you can change your relationship to animals today. In any case, besides improving the lot of animals, it will make you a better father, husband, wife, son etc.

What kind of soul are you? Really?

Family Cat Saves Young Child From Dangerous Dog – Video – And More…

I love this video of a family cat coming to rescue a young child who was under attack from a loose and dangerous dog.

As soon as the cat counter attacks, the much larger dog runs off.

After seeing the dog off, the cat went back to check on the child and smartly traveled via the underneath of the car – besides being the most direct route it was tactically wise.

It troubles me that multitudes of people in the community have such limited and even irresponsible attitudes toward their pets (and to other people).

Pets have deep feelings and cats, which are seen as ‘aloof’ by many, can be extremely loving; and in this case, protective also.

Too many people give up their pets when moving home – the right attitude should be to find a home where you can keep the animal. Pets are for life. Many pets left at so-called ‘shelters’ by house movers, and others, are executed (let’s be honest now – none of this ‘euthanasia’ stuff) if they are surplus, hard to re-home, infirm, weak or mentally scarred.

We have a cat called Sally, whom we adopted from a Queensland no-kill rescue organisation (Wildcats Queensland). Sally was 11 when we adopted her in October last year. Originally from Sydney, Sally was abandoned by her owners when they moved house. A kindly lady from further down the street saved her – which is why we know Sally’s original name. Sally was taken to a shelter by the lady, however later, when her rescuer heard that she was 4 hours away from being executed, the lady contacted Wildcats and asked if they had room. Wildcats said yes, and the lady paid for Sally’s airfare to Queensland. Sally was with Wildcats for over a year before we adopted her. Now, Sally is a healthy cat who looks, and behaves, much younger than her years would suggest.

So, why was Sally scheduled for execution we wonder? Sally is beautiful and has a lovely nature. We suspect that her age was a factor, and also that she had been badly traumatised which meant that she was nervous and exhibited some psychological issues – though none were extreme. Shelters tend to execute animals with behavioural problems. Since Sally has been with us I have conducted ‘mind healing’ on her and she is much improved. So much so that a close friend commented that she is a different cat very soon after I did the first session. Since then I have done more.

A bit more on ‘mind healing’ for animals – animal communication…

I am able to empathise with animals. I mentally and spiritually connect with them, as well as channel healing ‘energy’. The results with Sally speak for themselves. People notice. As do my human clients. Results are what matter. I make animals aware that they are loved and that they can let go and heal from their trauma. Loving animals is not enough of itself – you need to be able to penetrate deep into their psyche. This ability is part and parcel of my calling and work as a Shaman.

Finally a brief word on irresponsible dog owners – there are too many such people around these days…dogs are not just an animal – among other things, they can be a powerful force for good or ill. The dog in the video projected power in a horrid way and someone was responsible, or should I say – irresponsible. That person(s) injured the child, which could have died. That makes them (the dog owner/s) scum in my book. Perhaps I should use a stronger word…

I will write a detailed article about the problems of irresponsible dog ownership, and of dangerous dog ownership, in due course.

More: Hero feline that saved boy from dog attack will ‘throw first pitch’ at minor league baseball game

Here are some pictures of Sally – click on images for larger versions.

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My Beautiful Cat Nimue, And What She Taught About Death

singapura cat

Nimue – 6 Dec 2001 – 30 August 2010 | Forever loved

On Tuesday 24th August 2010, Nimue, a Singapura cat, was having a routine veterinary procedure under anaesthetic at Gold Coast Vet Surgery. Unfortunately, while coming round, she had a cardiac and respiratory arrest and died for 4 minutes. The vet and his team got her back, which in itself was a miracle. The vet said she was a ‘fighter’. For now, she had beaten death.

We are grateful for the wonderful veterinary staff at the Animal Emergency Service emergency care facility where Nimue was taken later in the day. There was some hope that Nimue would recover her faculties and health. Sadly, she did not, despite initial dramatic and positive progress.

Nimue was put to sleep at our home on Monday 30th August 2010, at approximately 20.10 hours Australian EST.

We miss Nimue greatly of course, and her last week was terrible. Now she is gone.

Nimue is actually in a very special and happy place now. And the manner of her passing was special too.

Hopefully this account will help some of you, the readers, to come to better terms with death, however it might be affecting your life. I am also available to help you personally if required.

Immediately before Nimue was put to sleep, I cradled her head in my palm for around 20 minutes. Nimue was lying on our bed with her head towards the edge at the side. We did not plan it that way – she had crawled there after earlier resting with her head on my pillow on the other side of the bed (she had gone there of her own accord anyway – in keeping with what she did when she was well; she loved where I had been). In the final minutes, as we kneeled by the side of the bed – with the vet on my right, my wife on my left and Anoushka my stepdaughter behind us, I conducted a Shamanic ritual (simple one) for Nimue to help her pass into the next world.

Before Nimue was injected with the lethal dose (a drip catheter was already in her leg due to previous hospital treatment) a deep peace descended on the room during the ritual…

Once we were in that state of peace and had been there a little while, I gave the OK for the vet to administer the drug (needle was already waiting in the injector thing).

Before Nimue died (was injected), in the last moments she became calm and serene – everyone felt the peace – the vet, my wife, Anoushka, me and of course Nimue. The feeling of peace was so thick it felt as if it could be cut with a knife.

This was particularly important for Nimue, but also for us because we will never forget it – it is burned into our deep psyche – we know what we felt and saw. This helped us heal because were the ones left behind, hurting. Nimue is not hurting now.

We were very privileged to experience Spirit coming for Nimue like that. We will all always remember the deep sense of peace that arose in the room before she passed. I am extremely grateful.

Afterward, my wife told me (I had my eyes closed most of the time while assisting Nimue’s passing) that Nimue’s face before she passed (was injected), became very serene – at the time of the sense of peace in the room. So much so, that my wife thought the vet had already injected her and put her to sleep, despite the arrangement for me to give the go ahead.

I will always miss Nimue, and though I failed her healing wise (we were winning until sometime between the early hours of the morning on Friday 27th August and Saturday 28th – the treating vets had talked of the highly likely happy possibility of her returning home that weekend), I am grateful to have helped her pass, and grateful to Spirit. I also failed her because I had an intuition about not taking her to have her teeth done, yet instead listened to logic.

Nimue was a very special and unusual cat – she was psychic, had a ‘massive mind’, huge personality and was the most agile cat I have ever seen. I will always love her.

Whilst I felt terrible pain during this momentous battle, I never lost my joy – but that is because my joy is not of this world.

Deep joy and deep love come from Spirit…..which is where Nimue is now.

We were told by the vet that we would experience about 3 months of severe grief. When he said it, I knew we wouldn’t but didn’t argue the point. You see, because we had felt the peace so strongly we KNEW where she had gone and what it was like. We missed her, though we never felt severe grief – we were incapable of doing so because the peace we felt at the time of her passing was so real and deep. So real that it was one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever felt in my life.

People often try to comfort themselves, and others, on the death of a person or animal they love with things like: “He or she is at peace now….has gone to heaven, or similar”. Whilst intentions are commendable, there is usually no genuine knowing; and they don’t believe it deep down. How much better it is to know.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am the softly falling snow.
I am the gentle showers of rain,
I am the fields of ripening grain.
I am in the morning hush,
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I am the starshine of the night.
I am in the flowers that bloom,
I am in a quiet room.
I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.
Do not stand at my grave bereft
I am not there. I have not left.

Poem written in 1932 by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Here is a small picture gallery of Nimue. Click on any image to enlarge and launch.

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I’m A Loving Gold Coast Cat Looking For A Wonderful Home – My Name Is Smoocha

Click on the photos for a larger version and to activate ‘gallery format’. Enjoy!

[shareprints gallery_id=”5516″ gallery_type=”masonry” gallery_position=”pos_center” gallery_width=”width_100″ image_size=”small” image_padding=”0″ theme=”dark” image_hover=”false” lightbox_type=”slide” captions=”true” comments=”true” sharing=”true”]Important note: This post first appeared in around April 2012, or earlier, on a single page website I built for Smoocha and his need of rehoming. Sadly, Smoocha was put to sleep at around 11.20hrs on Tuesday 21 May 2013 – he had advanced liver cancer which came on very suddenly. He did not suffer much thankfully.


Thank you so much for visiting my home on the web.

My name is Smoocha. I am a loving, affectionate and gentle male cat.

Currently I am looking for a wonderful home.

I already have one, complete with lovely servants, BUT….I’m not getting on with another feline resident who arrived before I did, and who has never accepted me, despite my best efforts at friendship. He’s much bigger than me as well.

So, here’s my story.

My first ‘owners’ handed me over to the Animal Welfare League (AWL) on the Gold Coast.

In 2007 I went to live with a lady who took two of us cats from the AWL. After a good while however, this lady got a puppy because she became more worried about security. At first, I got on with the puppy until he grew big. Then he became nasty and kicked me out.

For some time I survived as best I could and found some people a couple of doors down who helped me a bit. Unfortunately they could not adopt me because they are tenants and their lease forbade cats.

I decided to chance my luck at a place across the road – I knew they were cat lovers, having given a home to another local cat who rejected his original owners and moved himself in with them. They had also been giving food and shelter to yet another hungry local cat who was not allowed inside by his owners. There was one problem however; a big ‘guard cat’. I call him “Mr Bully”.

I was getting so desperate that I had to do my best to get my paws under the table, despite Mr Bully. I started off by ‘living’ in their front drive area – the nice people put fresh filtered water out for me, along with very good food.

Anyway, in time I managed to get myself inside. The staff gently showed Mr Bully not to have a go at me, however he still does it sometimes when they are not around.

After some time, my new staff spoke to my original owner across the road and became my official owners. They did this so that they would then be able to re-home me legally, as it was abundantly clear that my earlier owner was not taking appropriate action, despite having financial means and surplus time.

You see, Mr Bully is not happy with the situation and it creates tension. While my current staff will always look after me if I can’t find a new home, ideally I need to go somewhere where I am the only pet.

Can you help me please?

Here is some more information:

  • I am a loving, affectionate and gentle male cat who was neutered many years ago.
  • I am house-trained and can use a litter tray, however I prefer to go outside.
  • I do not go far when outside. I like to hang around home, even though Mr Bully is about.
  • I turned 10 years of age in September 2012 and am in good health.
  • My current staff have taken me to the vet for vaccination and health assessment. I am told that my health is very good, that I am strong, and streetwise  – I showed how I had quickly worked out how to open the door so as to exit the consulting room! My teeth will most likely need cleaning (probably for the first time) in 2013.
  • I am used to drinking filtered (jug) water. I have bowls inside and out.
  • I like to sleep on the bed, or furniture (sofas etc).
  • I have high quality tinned food – Dine, Gourmet Delight, Ultimates. I have a ‘discerning taste’ and know that stuff like Woolworths Select is not very good.
  • I also eat very high quality dried food such as Royal Canin, Purina Proplan, and Hills. Petstock often have some good deals. Some of my food comes from the vet.
  • I want to be able to continue to eat my favourite foods please.
  • I have a microchip and am also registered with the local Council.
  • I have regular 3 monthly Milbemax pills to prevent worms.
  • Every month I have Revolution applied to make sure I don’t get fleas, ear mites and so on.  Very occasionally I have a Capstar pill if there seem to be fleas that survive the Revolution – or perhaps they have only just hopped on.
  • My vaccinations are up to date (F3 + FeLV + FIV). I had a blood test for FeLV & FIV which both proved negative. Link to Choice article on vaccinations.
  • I can be territorial – some young un-neutered ‘whipper snapper’ came visiting – I saw him off. This is partly why Mr Bully doesn’t like me – he’s top cat, though I won’t acknowledge it properly and I sometimes ‘egg him on’.

Hopefully you can help me please?

I want to settle down with someone, where I can relax and love my new staff, with no other dogs or cats. I want to grow old there. I am tired of having to ‘survive’. While I know my current staff would never hand me over to the AWL or similar (at times, those places carry out executions you know), I need to get away from Mr Bully. Soon.

You will be a cat lover, as opposed to someone who wants a ‘pet’, and be prepared to look after me until I go to cat heaven. When that happens, I will wait for you at Rainbow Bridge.

If you want to find out more, please contact me using the form below or phone my Chief Butler on 0421 27 28 29 (Alex Rowan). You can contact me by mail too: Smoocha, PO Box 9303, Gold Coast Mail Centre, Queensland 9726. (Old address).

There is no cost to adopt me, however my staff want to ensure that I go to a very good and permanent home. There might be a small fee (from the official record keepers) to update my microchip records with your details (around $12 I think).

Please save me from Mr Bully soon.

Thanks so much. Hugs, miaows and kisses.


PS: In case you are wondering, this site was built with a theme from the clever people at StudioPress. (If you buy a WordPress theme after using this link my staff will have a bit more money to buy cat food).

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