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Confused About How, What, Why, When To Eat – And Weight Loss? Don’t Be. Read This.


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Weight loss, metabolism, food science, dieting, diet books…..there is a multitude of material available on these subjects.

But what to choose?

Especially when the ‘experts’ keep changing their views – the recent findings about margarine are a classic example:

At last, the truth: Butter is GOOD for you – and margarine is chemical gunk

Personally I focus on elite, balanced, clear and powerful results orientated material. Don’t you deserve that also?

Last year I wrote this article: How A Focus On Quality Makes Life Easier, Later (And Why This Site Will Help You).

Life is too short and valuable to spend time unwisely. One of my aims with this site is to make high quality information available so that readers can benefit from a better life as soon as possible.

So, why did I have a ‘Eureka’ feeling when I read this book?

Eureka is a word used to express triumph on a discovery. It is an apt description of how I felt when I started reading The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss by Marc David. Kindle edition here.

The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss is by far the best material I have ever read on weight loss, metabolism, food science, nutrition, dieting and so on. In my view, the text should be standard reading in schools. The book has a comprehensive, holistic and balanced approach to eating. It is clear to me that the information in the book, among other things, targets deeply fundamental issues of both the body and mind.

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In my journey to mental wholeness, from a starting point of severe childhood mental illness, it was the deep and fundamental stuff that dealt effectively and powerfully with the tap roots of my problems. The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss material has a similar impact and effect in the eating/food area of life. Frankly I think that Marc David is a genius. He is world-class at what he does. I love the way he writes also – it’s  easy to read and understand, humorous and moreish spiced with a ‘eureka’ feeling.

Marc David M.A. is the founder, director, and primary instructor for the Institute For The Psychology Of Eating – The  World’s Leading School in Nutritional Psychology. Besides reading his book, I thoroughly recommend visiting  the Institute’s website and learning more. Marc has also written an earlier book: Nourishing Wisdom: A Mind-Body Approach to Nutrition and Well-Being, which is also available on Kindle here.

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Personally, I order many books from Amazon, however being based in Australia, I also use Fishpond – their service and pricing has been good over the years that I’ve used them. Amazon have some useful book reviews – see what others say about the book.

Anyway, I doubt that one can find better, or more practical, wisdom on eating, diet or nutrition than Marc’s book or via the Institute. If you think there is, please let me know.  Please also tell me what you think of the book and how it has helped you. Thank you.

Be elite. Read and do the best in life. Don’t waste time. Fill your mind with truth. Get the foundations of a thing right – the rest will follow much more easily. Enjoy!

PS: Don’t ya love that pic of the strawberry?