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Are You Genuinely Winning At Life?

“We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life. But we can decide what happens in us — how we can take it, what we do with it — and that is what really counts in the end.”

– Joseph Fort Newton

We need to decide whether to have a winning mentality.

Not choosing is a decision.

winners, losersIn my early life I was a big-time loser, due in significant part to my severe mental health problems which were primarily parent inflicted.

I overcame the issues, without drugs I might add, to such an extent that I now count mental health professionals, doctors and surgeons among my clients.

I am also extremely grateful to have had such an awful start to life, complete with terrible parents, a bitch of a step-parent, and three rotten ‘excuses’ for brothers/half-brothers.

I am ‘luckier’ than people who had good parents and siblings etc BECAUSE of what I MADE of the situation and what I KNOW.

Losers are people who, among other things, make excuses, take no significant action and make no real/genuine progress.

Which/what are you?

Be careful. Because it is so easy to overlook your losing traits. Many will read this post and nod; all the while suffering from a delusion that they are winners.

True winning at life includes balance – you might be extremely successful in one, or even a few, area/s in life but a big-time loser in others. My father, for instance, was a genuinely world-class business person (example: second in charge of accounts for a multinational car manufacturer – Leyland – at age 24 – in 1962 – he reported only to the Finance Director) yet he was a failure at more important aspects of life. He was so nasty and abusive* that in his final weeks in a private hospital on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia), before he died in June 2015, he nearly got thrown out by the nursing staff – a doctor had to intervene. (*My father had been nasty and abusive since my first memories of him – for decades – his attitude was nothing to do with his failing health at life’s end).

So, don’t deceive yourself.

True winning also includes the ‘right things’. That’s beyond the scope of this article, however it includes stuff like kindness, empathy and more. True success is not what many people think it is. It certainly is not just about money.

A Christian with no inner peace of mind?


brain in cageA Christian with no inner peace of mind? Is that you? Or someone you know? Get help.

Have a look at this January 2011 news article:

The Christian hotelier found guilty of gay bias looks set to lose her home and asks: So who’s really being persecuted?

Mrs Bull, the Christian hotelier, is quoted as saying about her Christian husband Peter Bull:

“The uncertainty of the future would take Peter down. He doesn’t cope well with stress.”

This is interesting, but not unexpected or surprising. Christians make much of having a ‘relationship’ with God, the peace that goes with it, faith and certainty of God’s help.

These Christians were found guilty of discrimination. The Christian religion causes their discrimination, but seems not to enable Peter to experience inner peace of mind. Doesn’t he know deep in his bones that God loves him? If he did know, wouldn’t he have peace of mind? How can he love others if he does not know he is loved himself? The Bible says: Perfect love casteth out fear – 1 John 4:18.

So, we have religious dogma without love. Nasty eh! And sad.

Disclaimer: In case anyone wonders about my motives for writing this post; I am not gay, or bi and have never even had a fantasy of that nature. My point is aimed at the religiosity of Christians in general.

If you are a Christian without peace of mind – there are many (I have ‘inside’ knowledge because I was once a Christian minister) – and want help, please get in touch.

I provide help with Christian ‘exit counselling‘ (also known as strategic intervention therapy, cult intervention or thought reform consultation). Involvement with Christian activities and Christian churches can cause, and exacerbate, a wide range of emotional, psychological, spiritual and financial problems. In some cases, extremely serious mental health issues can arise. Many Christian cults exist – they can appear to be very benign and harmless. Often the surface impression can appear to be good, and it is only later that you realize that you are in the grip of a Christian cult.

I have in-depth personal experience of how involvement with Christian churches, church-folk and Christian thinking or beliefs can damage your mind, relationships, finances and life in general. To get help, contact me here.

I am located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, in Southport, however I can help you via phone/Skype and/or video link even if you are interstate, or overseas.

Note: By Christian cults I do not simply mean Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses or similar – I include many churches in this definition – places where cult type behaviour exists. This Wikipedia article will give you some pointers about how to identify a cult and you will see many similarities with Christian churches, especially the charismatic, Pentecostal, ‘Full Gospel’ varieties.

“In the entire first Christian Century, Jesus is not mentioned by a single Greek or Roman historian, religion scholar, politician, philosopher or poet. His name never occurs in a single inscription, and it is never found in a single piece of private correspondence.” Dr. Bart Ehrman – Professor Of Religious Studies – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.