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"Natural Law" – What It Is, How You Can Identify It, And How To Benefit

Natural law, or the law of nature (Latin: lex naturalis), is a system of law that is purportedly determined by nature, and thus universal. Wikipedia

A key component of living life well is to align ourselves with natural laws, regardless of whether we like them or not. If we do not, the laws will work against us, and sometimes the negative effects may be severe.

Natural laws encompass the psychological, emotional, philosophical, physical, spiritual and more.

brain treeNotice I said: “regardless of whether we like them or not”. Harmonising our thoughts and actions with natural law can be painful and difficult – subconscious mind change healing,  therapy or coaching will help with this.

The pain and difficulties associated with disregarding natural law are much more significant than those associated with aligning ourselves,  and harmonising, with natural law.

How do we find out what natural laws are? Of the mind, body, spiritual world, environment and so on?

Here are some tips:

  • Decide that you want to discover wisdom and truth and that you will value it above all else. This means of course that you have to be willing to let go of your own opinions. In time, perhaps you will cherish finding out, or being told, you are wrong ;-)
  • Study the workings of the mind and how people ‘tick’.
  • Study philosophy.
  • Focus upon the deeper foundational stuff – common denominators. This gives greater leverage and leads to faster, better progress.
  • Get your subconscious mind sorted. This is a biggie. Your subconscious mind is a repository of all kinds of crap. Deeply ingrained thinking patterns which affect your ability to grasp and implement truth. Take religious thought for example – multitudes are conditioned by their society, parents and teachers to believe that their way is right. Logic tells us that religious ideas can’t all be right because of the contradictions.
  • Get some coaching from people who know. If you would like my help, please contact me here or use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Check out my Subconscious Mind Change series of articles…natural law is an important aspect.

Start applying natural laws.

Here are some examples…

The vast majority of people, excepting spiritual sages, for most, or all, of their day, tune their mental dials to the same radio station:


What’s In It For Me

People generally are not interested in you, your life, your family, your world. Their focus is upon themselves. Even many charitable people are, deep down, focusing on what’s in it for them. Partly, this is due to basic human nature disconnected from spiritual source. (Note that I mentioned spiritual sages earlier).

Ideally, we need to rise above the me focus mentality, however that is hard; especially if you carry subconscious rubbish and have no true spiritual connection (according to natural law, not religious dogma). It is easier to rise above a purely me focus however if we focus on how we can benefit when we tune into what’s in it for others. Sure, we are thus thinking about our benefits, but this time from the perspective of helping others benefit. Frankly, it is easier to get selfish people started on doing good stuff if they can see how they will benefit.

An example: let’s say that normally, you are abrasive and rude to staff at restaurants. Unknown to you, the staff – who are tuning into WII FM – spit in your food and derive some satisfaction and feelings of power from their revenge. Good eh? Of course not.

Contrast this with the person who is kind, encouraging and otherwise treats the restaurant staff well. How do you rate this person’s chances of getting good service? Especially if, on a busy night, they phoned and on being told that no seats were available; said that as seats would be offered to Prince Charles if he had asked, could they have his?

I recall, many years ago, when I had a PO Box in the UK that I got on so well with the staff that they, without being asked, told me that if ever I needed my mail before they opened the doors officially, that I could come around the back anytime from (I can’t recall the time now)….to collect it. I was treated as a VIP because I treated them so well. There was no corruption involved I might add – I simply treated them with respect, kindness and so on.

One of the natural laws here of course is that if you treat others well, regardless of how you feel, what is happening in your life and so on; you will get better results. The phrase sowing and reaping comes to mind. How often do we stop and think about this though? Mindfully.

Focus on making others feel better, making their day better, thinking about how they might be feeling.

Interestingly, as you focus on others; you will start to feel better. Not just because your life improves, but because there is something deeply beneficial about helping others.

Those who are spiritually evolved, or at least on the path, will notice that their psyche loves to flow with natural law for nobler reasons than self interest. These are hard to explain because they need to be experienced…

So, today, cut back on talking about yourself, being preoccupied with me me and focus on other people. Watch how your world improves in a myriad of ways. Please let me know how you get on in the comments below.

And by the way, a key character indicator is how people treat those whom they perceive can do them no harm, or provide no benefit. This in itself is a natural law.

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Cat Who Requires 3 Pillows For His Cat Nap

Osher, a cream Burmese male cat whom I have had since 2001, has some unusual habits.

One of these habits is his sleeping arrangements. Osher likes to sleep under things, and in hidey holes.

Recently, he sprang a new one on me and inserted himself under two pillows in a spare room of his mansion.

Click on the photos for a larger version and to activate ‘gallery format’. Enjoy!

[shareprints gallery_id=”5609″ gallery_type=”squares” gallery_position=”pos_center” gallery_width=”width_100″ image_size=”medium” image_padding=”10″ theme=”dark” image_hover=”false” lightbox_type=”slide” titles=”true” captions=”true” descriptions=”true” comments=”true” sharing=”true”]Take time today to enjoy being with your pets.

They won’t be here forever.

…Mindful, quality time.

PS: Osher died on 9th April 2013; less than three months after this article was published. RIP Oshie my boy – you will never be forgotten and I look forward to seeing you again.


Quote on chalkboard

This section of the website, which will grow bigger with time, is for quotes.

In the sidebar tag cloud, is a tag just for quotes – this will give you a list of all the posts tagged with the word ‘Quotes’. Most of the posts, tagged with ‘Quotes’, will be pure quotes and their associated article. The most recent posts, tagged with the word ‘Quotes’, will appear at the top of the list. In the rest of the tag cloud, only some subjects are quotes – each quote will have several other tags, depending on subject and these tags can be shared by other non quote posts.

Another tag, Quotes Of The Week, or Category; also Quotes Of The Week, will pull up weekly digests of quotes.

If you want to search for a specific quote author, please use the site search box, also in the sidebar.

We can learn much from quotes – the wisdom and thoughts of others.

Quotes can make your life easier and even provide ‘shortcuts’ to solutions to issues you are experiencing.

Open yourself, and your life, up to new possibilities with transformational quotes and practical advice!

So that you can get the most benefit and value from the inspiration you will find in these pages I suggest that you:

  • Read the material slowly, thoughtfully and mindfully.
  • Pause and think about what you have read means to you personally. Meditate on the quotes.
  • Write down the thoughts and ideas which come to mind.
  • Review what you have written down.
  • Write a summary of your thoughts, ideas and insights, perhaps in a journal.
  • Perhaps print out the material for reading again later.
  • Read it again, perhaps on another day. (A sleep or break in-between can help learning).
  • Duplicate the process – reflecting, reviewing and writing.
  • Consider discussing what you have learnt with others.
  • Consider using what you have learnt in ‘reprogramming’ your subconscious mind.

If you would like to suggest a quote please either use the contact form immediately below, or the comment section at the bottom. Thank you.

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