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Men, Males, Male Odors And Stress

Stress bombStress (psychological) is something most of us are familiar with in one way or another. Psychological stress has strong links to physiological, or biological, stress – the body can be affected significantly by what goes on in the mind. Conversely, in some cases, a physiological stress can cause a psychological stress.

Today, I want to look at the effects of male presence and even male odors on stress.

Before I start, I want to make it clear that I have an abhorrence for any animal experimentation that involves unkindness, which is probably most such work. That said, I do take note of findings that such research has produced – the animals have already suffered, there is nothing I can do to help those animals specifically (apart from perhaps spiritually), and by learning from the situation the sacrifice of the animals concerned is less ‘in vain’.

Nature.com has produced an article titled: Male researchers stress out rodents. The Daily Mail has written commentary on the issue: Millions of experiments are ruined because lab rats are ‘stressed’ by smell of MEN, claims study.

The key issue is that rodents – mice and rats – become stressed by the presence and even simply the smell, of male experimenters. The same applies for any male animal in close proximity, apart from male cage-mates of the animal concerned.

Besides the obvious scientific concern that experiments have been adversely affected, there is also the more important point that millions of animals have suffered for perhaps questionable gain. We as a society need to carefully consider our approach to animal testing – that though is beyond the scope of my article.

We humans are sensitive to smells that we cannot detect consciously. The research has set me wondering if indeed we too are susceptible to a ‘stress reaction’ to male presence and odors. It is important however not to assume stuff – making unfounded assumptions is the cause of many problems in life, including the spiritual. That’s one reason why so many so-called ‘psychics’ have a bad name. Sure there are significant numbers of such people who are accurate, however not having a heart centered focus on, and a thirst for, truth is a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, I expect large numbers of the public will take up the idea that ‘men cause stress to other people’. Most people do not think carefully and critically about what they see, read, feel, hear or otherwise experience. One of the reasons for this is faulty thinking stemming from subconscious conditioning, and in some cases, inherited bias.

For now, we simply don’t know if there is a similar ‘male presence = stress’ situation with humans. For me, having a liking for focusing on facts, truth AND results; my approach to stress is to tackle it on the basis of what we DO know. Multitudes of studies have shown that stress can be (it is not all bad) damaging to physical and mental health.

There is a lot of advice out there on how to reduce harmful stress. I will concentrate on my area of expertise…

  • When we discover good advice that will help reduce stress, it is critical to DO. Be a doer, not a ‘reader’, ‘viewer’ or ‘armchair psychologist’. Our subconscious minds can interfere however.
  • Subconscious mind blocks and/or inherited bias can be resolved. One of my specialties is the destruction of such issues. Besides personal help – in person or via phone/video link – I teach people how to help themselves on a continuing basis, even when I am not present.
  • I show people how they can do what they know they should – many people see counsellors, psychologists, life coaches, executive coaches, therapists and so on, but find it hard or even impossible to put what they have leaned into effect; at least not as much as they would like.

Some people are stressed by being near men for reasons which have nothing to do with smell. Don’t get caught up in the smell idea, but instead address your issues. It is possible to go from a state of being stressed about a situation to actually loving it. How do I know? Because I have been there and done it. Let me show you how.

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