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Science Can Be Good AND Bad For Your Health

snake oil salesman con artistNo apologies if this article is confronting.

It is not however ‘medical advice’. For that, see your relevant medical professional.

I love science for lots of reasons. I enjoyed it at school and despite being top of my year in the final exams, I never went into science as a career. The logical mindset however has proven extremely useful, even if at times unsettling, inconvenient and painful.

GPs (General Practitioner Physicians/Doctors) are generalists – multi-taskers – I’ve met some fantastic ones and some really rotten ones. Quite recently I had to fix a serious medical issue myself despite seeing a GP with over 40 years experience who had referred me to see a specialist with a year-long waiting list. That story is for another blog post, but I will say here that science saved me.

What I want to highlight today is that there is good medical science and bad health science. People like me, and perhaps you, with no medical training (except in my case some civilian and military first aid) can easily get the wrong idea on trying to work out how best to deal with health issues when confronted with life, incompetent GPs, specialists or other medical practitioners. It gets worse. Not all the science is good. Some questionable science is sensationalised and propagated by popular journalists/online news sites who haven’t checked the facts properly.

Let me hand you over to one of my favorite publications…The Economist; who write:

“For my next trick… Too many medical trials move their goalposts halfway through. A new initiative aims to change that”

I quote: “But it can also let unscrupulous researchers go on “fishing expeditions” to prove whatever they want. Collect enough data, and correlations that look statistically significant will appear by chance.”

Be careful out there.

Snake oil salesmen did not die out in the first half of the 20th century. Some of them are lurking in the ‘learned halls’ of science…today. Your health, and that of those you love, could be at risk.

And get a subscription to The Economist while you are at it; join many smart minds, business leaders, deep thinkers. Improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your reading.


Australian neuroscientist nearly went to jail for making up data

Academics fear new Australian Defence powers will curtail academic freedom and research While I can understand some aspects of the motivation, it concerns me that health research could be affected – health matters can often fall under the remit of military and/or intelligence.

In death, there is life. Big-name scientists may end up stifling progress in their fields | The Economist

Why Study Philosophy?

Prescription for a better life, better relationships, better business, better management, better thinking: study philosophy.

The dictionary definition of Philosophy:

phi·los·o·phy (fĭ-lŏs’ə-fē) pronunciation

n., pl. -phies.

1. Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.

2. Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods.

3. A system of thought based on or involving such inquiry: the philosophy of Aristotle.

4. The critical analysis of fundamental assumptions or beliefs.

5. The disciplines presented in university curriculums of science and the liberal arts, except medicine, law, and theology.

6. The discipline comprising logic, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and epistemology.

7. A set of ideas or beliefs relating to a particular field or activity; an underlying theory: an original philosophy of advertising.

8. A system of values by which one lives: has an unusual philosophy of life.

My life experience has been very diverse and I have come to realise that what we think and believe is very important. As is truth – not our own opinions, but raw truth. A humble, teachable mindset is particularly valuable – even if one had a good education, such as I have. Acquiring more wisdom is the most valuable goal. Life, the world, and people, are fascinating and I have devoted much time to the study of human nature, spirituality and philosophy.

I recommend the study of philosophy for many reasons, which include:

  1. Thinking logically
  2. Thinking creatively
  3. Thinking laterally – outside the square
  4. Problem solving
  5. Objective analysis and evaluation
  6. Effective planning
  7. Succinct verbal and written expression
  8. Effective reduction
  9. Simplifying the complicated
  10. Discovering hidden relationships and assumptions
  11. Effective analysis and drawing correct conclusions
  12. Distilling, evaluating and summarising large amounts of information concisely & clearly
  13. Evaluating data quality
  14. Evaluating the usefulness of services and products
  15. Communicating a point of view utilising varied techniques and arguments
  16. Seeing the big picture
  17. Uncovering truth
  18. Growing as a person – personal development
  19. Smart thinking
  20. Taking “shortcuts” by learning from others wiser than yourself
  21. Life Coaching
  22. Executive Coaching
  23. Expanding brain power
  24. It’s interesting

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books. Chinese proverb

Love philosophy

Do You Need To Rethink Your Stance On The Death Penalty?

US Flag and hangman's nooseWhat do you think about capital punishment – the death penalty?

Have you ever thought about it deeply, or do you simply have a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction and viewpoint?

Personally, I favor the death penalty in some circumstances*, however definitely not in the case of this poor soul, due to be executed on March 19th. (*Including serious pedophilia, some murders, some rape, some terrorism, treason and more.)

A Letter From Ray Jasper, Who Is About to Be Executed

Ray Jasper’s letter is extremely well reasoned and thought provoking.

I will let you read it yourself, however suggest you, among other things, read it in the light of:

  • Ethics
  • Justice
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Delusion
  • Bigotry
  • Logic
  • Wisdom

Frankly, I think Ray Jasper’s situation is disgusting, unfair and illogical. And I am no ‘do gooder’ ‘softie’.

Poor Ray. I feel so sorry for him, and that his death will be a terrible waste. I hope that his letter helps to address many of the wrongs illustrated by this appalling situation. In my case it has caused me to think more carefully about the issue.

Further reading:

The violence gene – thought provoking.

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Ayahuasca – How You Can Reach Bliss Without It

The psychoactive brew Ayahuasca is a valid and useful way to enhance spiritual experience in the right circumstances and environment. Consuming it here in Australia is illegal, and using it can be dangerous for a number of reasons. I might add that I do not consume Ayahuasca, or offer it. In fact, I show people how to have vivid and powerful spiritual experiences without Ayahuasca.

Tourists and others flock to places like Peru to have ‘Ayahuasca experiences’ with varying results. Australia’s 60 Minutes have recently produced a video on some such people here.

Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of DMT

Click picture for more information on DMT

This article is not about whether or not you should consume Ayahuasca – I will leave that to you and the legal jurisdiction/s which apply to you. The article is not a criticism of Ayahuasca either. Instead, I will explain how you can have vivid and powerful spiritual experiences, and even reach intense bliss, without Ayahuasca.

Let’s start at the beginning and keep this nice and simple. Simple is usually better than complicated in my view. I like simple.

In one sense, Ayahuasca is a ‘fast track tool’ to get your mind to a state of being receptive to spiritual phenomena, good or bad. It is in this respect a shortcut. Unfortunately it is also a method which requires ‘product’ and has associated dangers. Let’s think about this from a different angle….

Imagine a spirit world which wants to help you (the good part of that spirit world anyway). A loving spirit world. Don’t you think it would be ‘discriminatory’  and ‘unloving’ if this loving spirit world only allowed the best experiences to come to those drinking a plant only available in some places? You would be right. In other words, there are other ways to get genuinely deep and intense spiritual enlightenment and experience. I know, because I do them, and have been doing them for a long time. If I need to I can slip into joyful bliss in a second. I can show you how to do this also.

So, perhaps you are starting to see that you don’t need to spend money on expensive travel, or consume powerful psychoactive substances, or in some jurisdictions – break laws?

My core expertise lies in Shamanism and subconscious mind coaching. Ayahuasca is an aspect of some Shamanism and the lives of some Shamans. Ayahuasca is not the ultimate, it is not essential and I for one, have never used it. So, beware of thinking that you must use it. Using Ayahuasca can be dangerous – read this article carefully: The Hidden Truth About Ayahuasca/DMT, and Psychedelic Drugs by Peter Michael / Shaman Portal

It is far better to know how to commune with and relate to Spirit every day, and at will, than to rely on a substance that may be limited by time, money, place and circumstances. If you were a big, loving spiritual mind, wouldn’t you want humankind to be able to connect in a simple and straightforward way even children and people of low intellect can use? That would be loving huh?

So how do we connect with Spirit without Ayahuasca? It’s easy if you know how.

I teach people how to use their minds to access spiritual wisdom, spiritual ‘feelings’ (like being loved for example) and spiritual phenomena. Interestingly, people have experiences and get results that they can’t dispute – I like that aspect because I am into reality, results and action. It can get quite ‘spooky’ at times, but in a nice way. I especially love it when stuff happens which people know that I cannot possibly have known, or guessed, or deduced.

Ayahuasca affects people’s minds. I can show you how to deeply affect your own mind – in your own time, in your own privacy and without drugs.

Some years ago, a business woman came to see me with moderate to mild issues. In the process she told me that she occasionally took crack cocaine, but was not addicted. I told her that she could reach a better state of feeling than she got via the drug, by doing what I teach – even though I have never tried crack cocaine. In due course she told me that she too had had the experience, while doing what I taught her, that was better than that she got when taking crack cocaine. Like I said, results tell. I’m not into opinions, dogma or mumbo jumbo.

Using my techniques has changed my life for the better in so many ways, including building my character and becoming a better person. You too can benefit and come into contact with real spiritual power that you will feel, and see the effects of. It’s not my power though. In fact, one of the keys to maximising spiritual power and effect is to be humble.

And guess what? It works with atheists too because my techniques are based on law. Like if I drop an egg it breaks because of various physical laws. Atheists might put a different ‘interpretation’ on happenings, however they too start to feel better and so on. As I said, it’s the law. And extremely logical – in fact, the first part of my sessions focuses on logic.

You can learn my techniques in person, or via the phone, or video chat. The time involved is 3 hours, usually split into smaller segments. I also do group sessions which work out cheaper.

PS: I help people who some might call my ‘competitors’ too:  mental health professionals, life coaches, executive coaches, counsellors and so on because I want to help as many people as possible and maximise my service to the world.

Contact me today here.

PS: Deep respect and honor is accorded to those who do use Ayahuasca in line with the will of Spirit.


The tourists toying with insanity by taking powerful hallucinogenic cactus ‘for fun’ in Mexico

An excellent article: Crappy Ayahuasca Shamans Are Making Gap Years Dangerous | VICE | Canada

The Bitter Cup: Ayahuasca – beware the hand that serves you | Passionfruitcowgirl

Psychoactive Amazonian medicine gaining popularity, may treat health disorders | Fox News

Amazon tribe creates 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia | Mongabay Enviromental News

In Brazil, Some Inmates Get Therapy With Hallucinogenic Tea – The New York Times

The truth about hallucinogenic Ayahuasca plant tea lapped up by backpackers

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