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Forestry Tools

Forestry ToolsAustralia’s dedicated supplier of equipment for foresters, arborists and maintenance specialists.

Forestry Tools offers the highest quality pruners, loppers, saws, telescopic pruning equipment, diameter and measuring tapes, height meters, clinometers, borers, calipers, marking, flagging, pottiputki planters, planting spades and tree measuring equipment from leading global manufacturers.

I have ordered tools online from Forestry Tools on a number of occasions over the years and been very happy with both the quality and customer service. The quality of the tools is superb and I like the choice – much better than I can buy locally at either a big hardware chain such as Bunnings, or at a shopping centre garden tool distributor.

In the past I have used some garden tools (cutting) I got from a stall (one of those which come and go) in a large shopping centre – the demos looked good (and the sales people slick), however I was not happy with them in use and on further investigation discovered that the products were cheaply made with large profit margins available to the distributors: in other words there is less scope for value in the product itself. Buying from Forestry Tools was such a refreshing change. Simply speaking; Forestry Tools supply the professionals, which implies much.

Here is an order I placed in May 2012 – my comments off to the right.

Purchase Details
Item # Product name QTY Price Total
820 Freund Axe 1 $150.00 – Strong, light weight, German, 10 year guarantee.
821 Freund Hatchet 1 $105.00 – Strong, light weight, German, 10 year guarantee.
65 Barnel Z555P2 6.3m w/ Z555B 1 $340.00 – Beautifully made loooong Telescopic Pole Saw with extremely sharp blade. Not meant for palms, however a neighbor has used for that. Like a knife through butter.
214 High Limb Chain Sw 1 $98.00 – Well designed, however did not actually have much need for it in the end as the Telescopic Pole Saw was sufficient.

Subtotal: $693.00
Freight: $15.00 This was so reasonable! Delivery was prompt. Products well packed.
Freight Surcharge: $0.00
Grand Total $708.00

These items weren’t cheap, however I got the work done much faster, and more easily, than I would have with lower grade tools. The neighbor, who borrowed the Telescopic Pole Saw to cut his palm fronds, noticed that too. And in any case, I doubt that I would have found such a long Telescopic Pole Saw in my local shops. I needed all the length! Without the tools, I would most likely have had to hire a professional tree lopper service at a big price, thus I saved significant money. I wrote the value of the time off to exercise which I needed anyway. The tools are so well made I will have to leave them in my will. I saved shopping time because I ordered online & had the products delivered to my door. Winning all round!

By the way, in some jurisdictions (including here on the Gold Coast) there are restrictions on what you can do with trees. I made sure to check before I started work or ordered the tools, and suggest you do likewise.

If a job is worth doing, do it mindfully, and well. Enjoy. Be elite.