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Why Study Philosophy?

Prescription for a better life, better relationships, better business, better management, better thinking: study philosophy.

The dictionary definition of Philosophy:

phi·los·o·phy (fĭ-lŏs’ə-fē) pronunciation

n., pl. -phies.

1. Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.

2. Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods.

3. A system of thought based on or involving such inquiry: the philosophy of Aristotle.

4. The critical analysis of fundamental assumptions or beliefs.

5. The disciplines presented in university curriculums of science and the liberal arts, except medicine, law, and theology.

6. The discipline comprising logic, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and epistemology.

7. A set of ideas or beliefs relating to a particular field or activity; an underlying theory: an original philosophy of advertising.

8. A system of values by which one lives: has an unusual philosophy of life.

My life experience has been very diverse and I have come to realise that what we think and believe is very important. As is truth – not our own opinions, but raw truth. A humble, teachable mindset is particularly valuable – even if one had a good education, such as I have. Acquiring more wisdom is the most valuable goal. Life, the world, and people, are fascinating and I have devoted much time to the study of human nature, spirituality and philosophy.

I recommend the study of philosophy for many reasons, which include:

  1. Thinking logically
  2. Thinking creatively
  3. Thinking laterally – outside the square
  4. Problem solving
  5. Objective analysis and evaluation
  6. Effective planning
  7. Succinct verbal and written expression
  8. Effective reduction
  9. Simplifying the complicated
  10. Discovering hidden relationships and assumptions
  11. Effective analysis and drawing correct conclusions
  12. Distilling, evaluating and summarising large amounts of information concisely & clearly
  13. Evaluating data quality
  14. Evaluating the usefulness of services and products
  15. Communicating a point of view utilising varied techniques and arguments
  16. Seeing the big picture
  17. Uncovering truth
  18. Growing as a person – personal development
  19. Smart thinking
  20. Taking “shortcuts” by learning from others wiser than yourself
  21. Life Coaching
  22. Executive Coaching
  23. Expanding brain power
  24. It’s interesting

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books. Chinese proverb

Love philosophy

How Well Known Is The Christian Cross?

For many of us here in ‘the west’ the Christian cross is a well-known symbol.

Celtic cross

Like me, I expect many people would be extremely surprised to discover that a brand symbol, around 100 years old, is more widely known than Christianity’s symbol, upon which Jesus was reportedly crucified.

Besides the obvious interest in this fact from a ‘trivia perspective’, it is fascinating for a number of reasons which include:

1. The pervasive nature of Christianity in our society leads to surprise that this situation could occur.

2. Christianity, despite claiming to have a wonderful and critically important message, is much less meaningful, relevant and powerful than most might tend to think; especially adherents of the Christian faith.

3. A focus on quality, delivering results, listening to people, innovation and making a difference in people’s lives not only matters, it also permits entry into the deep collective psyche.

If we look at this another way, we must ask ourselves: How can a modern brand – a product – in grain  itself so deeply in our collective psyche that it surpasses the Christian cross?

Permit me to suggest an answer…

The brand of course deserves its reputation, however Christianity, due to, and according to, its claims, should be much more relevant to people than a product. Christianity is not, which is due in significant part to the behaviour of Christ’s so-called followers.

If they, the Christians, cannot be a good and powerful ‘living epistle‘ (an example, a kind of advert) for ‘the way of the cross’ (Christianity) and all it stands for, then it is no surprise that a three-pointed star is more recognisable.

In the end, it is results that tell, the fruit that is produced. The Bible tells us: “by their fruits you will know them“.

It is better to be a ‘knower’ than a ‘believer’. Another reason a product brand is better recognised than the Christian cross, is the Christian belief system is yet another man-made religion which, among other things, lacks the power to deeply affect people in the right way.

Once, many years ago, I was a Christian minister. During my involvement with churches I came across a few genuine, sincere and loving people, however most were not. Even from the beginning I realised that a key life focus must be to find truth and wisdom, whatever the cost. I was often heavily persecuted by Christians because I was sincere and genuine. While involved with the church I came across Shamanism (there are some significant aspects of Shamanism in church/Christian practices) and through Shamanism connected with real spiritual/philosophical/psychological experience. I would have missed it had I not had a love and hunger for truth deep down in my psyche. Shamanism by the way, is humanity’s original spirituality; around long before religion came along messed things up. All religions and spiritual practices contain elements of Shamanism – it’s the additional error that causes problems. In fact, one definition of mental illness is: “a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behaviour or thinking” – religion does just that. We see the fruit of it everyday. Madness dressed up as religion. Religion sucks.

Oh, yes, you wanted to know which product brand is more recognisable than the Christian cross?

The symbol – a three-pointed star – appears on the front of one of my cars:

Mercedes Benz SL500 R129 - Convertible 5 Litre V8 in Tourmaline

Mercedes Benz SL500 R129 – Convertible 5 Litre V8 in Tourmaline














1. “The Mercedes-Benz brand is one of the most powerful brands in the world – and almost certainly the most powerful automotive brand. It’s symbol (or Logo), the ‘three-pointed star’, though less than a hundred years old is better recognised around the world than the Christian cross”. [easyazon_link identifier=”047001802X” locale=”US” tag=”amzn06a-20″]Enduring Passion: The Story of the Mercedes-Benz Brand[/easyazon_link] By Leslie Butterfield; one of the world’s most recognised branding experts.

2. Yes, Freyja was very quick, though for legal reasons I never got find out just how quick! More info: Why We Need To Support Our Police. Freyja was a car you ‘wore’, and was a joy to drive.

3. Shamanism is not a religion.

Are You Disgusting On The Inside? If So, There Is Hope

When I was young I was rotten on the inside. Nasty, disgusting, hateful and more.

Why? Partly because of poor parenting; especially so in the case of my father.

I had severe mental health issues from which I have genuinely* (*I do not take mind altering drugs – ‘happy pills’ etc) recovered today; so much so that I even count mental health professionals and doctors among my clients!

One of the critical keys to my freedom, joy, character and peace of mind today was that I took personal responsibility for fixing the mess my parents made, and the mess I made by subsequent poor choices and thinking.

Another important key was that I faced up to the truth and ‘confronted’ my inner ‘rottenness’. One aspect of this is that if we do not acknowledge and face up to who we really are inside, then we are not going to be able to change, or even realise that we need to change. Instead we will live a life of denial and delusion, all the while ‘inflicting’ ourselves upon other people and animals.

Today I came across this impressive and clever video which demonstrates the shallow and hateful nature of large numbers of people. Watch the video and listen, as well as you can, to your subconscious mind and see if you ‘align’ with any of the horrible attitudes displayed – if any resonate with you, then you have some work to do.

Video: You Look Disgusting (Woman posted images of herself without makeup on social media. The film contains real comments that were left on images of her face).

Ref: https://twitter.com/mypaleskinblog and http://mypaleskin.com/

In our society we are subjected to a multitude of things which condition our subconscious minds to think along certain lines. Beauty related advertising is one example.

Like most people, I appreciate beauty. The beauty of nature for example. We are ‘hard-wired’ to appreciate the beauty of nature. This preference for beauty is normal and part of our ‘biology’. What is bad is when we focus on what is not beautiful in an unhealthy way which can not only harm others, but which can corrode our internal character.

It is important to have balance. Yes, beauty can and should be celebrated. On the other hand, we need to exercise care that viewing a lack of beauty does not feed our inner ugliness. Our subconscious minds can and do get in the way of this balance however.

In my garden we have a bird with an abnormally twisted beak – I watch him/her eating and enjoy seeing the will to survive and the clear good health the bird enjoys; which in the case of this bird, is where the significant ‘beauty’ lies. I do not ‘see’ deformity. In any case, I was once ‘deformed’ inside, which matched my slanted (disfigured face – more visible when not smiling – see bottom of post for photograph), and that was worse than any physical deformity. Who am I to judge and denigrate deformity?

Noisy Miner

Australian Noisy Miner with food and crooked beak

Being ‘deformed’ inside – having a rotten character – is far worse than having a slanted face like mine, a disability (my hearing loss which requires hearing aids – aka ‘deaf bastard’, ‘four ears’, ‘spastic’, to some people) and having one bollock that is smaller than the other because my parents never got an undescended testicle* and associated hernia sorted out until I was almost a teenager. (*PS: It never stopped me dating beautiful women (inside and out) and I am married to one I have known since 1999). Don’t worry, there’s no picture of the testicle – you will have to take my word for it.Corset_stockings


It is possible to change our subconscious minds in such a way that good character can develop. Personally, I found that much of the positive character development I experienced was a ‘side-effect’ of sorting out subconscious mind issues which were causing me pain. Most of my clients seek my help in resolving issues which are painful or difficult in some way. A few directly seek help in developing character. An important point to bear in mind is that generally, fixing internal pain is more important to people than developing character. Once significant pain areas are resolved, people are then much better able to focus on character development – it’s a kind of ‘evolution’.

Another key thing I learned along the way to the deep inner freedom I know today, was the realisation that a significant part of the power that the horrid words of others have to harm us lies in what WE think about the words. Significant parts of stress for example comes from what we think about a situation. The same applies for words. No one makes you angry – you get angry because of what you think about a situation. (Subconscious Mind Change 6 – Nobody And Nothing Made You Angry).

Trolls, bullies and other haters have rotten insides. What they think and have to say does not matter; unless YOU make it matter with the power of YOUR thoughts. Such people are worthy of the label ‘shitheads’ – their minds are full of shit. Now, if you walked past an overflowing blocked toilet and it spoke to you, calling you names etc…would you pay any attention? Of course not – because your eyes would tell you it was a toilet full of crap. So it is with trolls and bullies – they are full of crap. As such, they are ‘nothings’. In fact, as one evolves character-wise it becomes easier to see these trogs more clearly – they are sad empty souls in need of help – people to be pitied. Perhaps we can help them?

Kindness wins. Kindness to yourself and to others.

Be that person. Not the toilet-head.


  1. If you need help to overcome your own inner rottenness please get in touch. Besides being able to help you effect remarkable change, I won’t judge you. I too was once rotten.
  2. If you like the corset my wife is wearing, Absolute Corsets is where she obtained it from. It is hand made. The stockings are Cervin Tentation Fully Fashioned.
  3. One reason I can write so openly about my defects is because my self-esteem is high. I do not rely on other people for my sense of worth.
Alex - slanted face

My slanted, defective face






8 Unsettling Facts About Bad Bosses [Infographic]

devil boss manBad bosses are not just bad for their employees and their organisation…bad bosses are bad for themselves.

If you are a bad boss, both your personal and work life will be adversely affected in a variety of ways. If you want an easier, happier, healthier life; make sure you are not a bad boss. You know, the type of person where people would celebrate at your funeral and say ‘happy days’.

Take a look at this infographic and be honest with yourself. If the ‘mirror cracks’ get help.

Perhaps you can’t see much wrong. That may be because you are a great boss – congratulations. It may however be because you have internal subconscious mind issues hindering your ability to ‘see’.

If you like, I can help you. You see, I was once a ‘bad boss’.

I also help good bosses become even better bosses.

If you are a victim of a bad boss I can help you too. Help you cope, or help you find a way out of your situation.

Don’t be an ignoramus. Years ago, I provided a former client with some reading material about being a ‘control freak’. Instead of taking it on-board he said that the grammar wasn’t good! (It was, and had been professionally edited). He was a highly intelligent business man/surgeon worth millions of dollars. He just wouldn’t (notice I didn’t say couldn’t) get it. One can lead a horse to water… He was one of the few clients I had to ‘fire’. He still sucks.

Click on the infographic to be taken to a page with more information on the subject (opens in new tab/window).

8 Unsettling Facts About Bad Bosses [Infographic]This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee survey system that helps companies improve their employee retention, and have a better organizational culture.

Why Santa Sucks If You Are A Parent

Santa Claus and little boyIt’s the Santa time of year.

When I visit the mall at Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast, I see hordes of gullible young children queuing up to see Santa.

But Santa sucks.


Because Santa helps to destroy trust between parent and child.

Many parents love to lie to their kids about Christmas bullshit – but how does it help their relationship? Trust, ethics and so on? Just because it is fun to the child does not make it right.

And how will kids feel when ridiculed by their peers because of something lying mummy or daddy said? That will be the parents’ fault.

The trust between a child and parent is a beautiful and precious thing. Santa works hard to destroy this.

If you feed your child Santa shit, then deep in their psyche, on a subconscious level, one day your children will learn that you are not trustworthy. How do you think that will impact upon their self esteem?

And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse……there are two more reasons why Santa sucks:

  1. Many pedophiles get jobs as Santa Claus. Think about it carefully – nonces love to spend time with children and most rock spiders would find having kids sit on their knee sexually exciting. One of the ‘best’ jobs for child abusers is that of Santa. Not all Santas are pedophiles of course. Let me ask you this though…can you guarantee that the Santa your child goes to schmooze with is NOT a paedophile? Of course you can’t. People who understand spiritual energy, like myself of course, realise that being close to such a grotesque person (should your Santa in fact be a pedo) is not a good experience, and especially not for a child.
  2. Look carefully around the crowd watching the Santa crap queue. Some will be pedophile men carefully studying the children – see if you can spot men showing an unhealthy interest in children and a sleazy energy. Ladies…many of you know how you feel when some sleazy guy looks at you. That’s party because of the ‘energy’ thing I spoke of earlier. Well, your kids could be subject to that while waiting in the Santa queue (and it will be your fault).

Like I said, Santa sucks.

Get over it.

Apologise to your children.

Perhaps help your children learn more about the Shamanic ‘aspects’ of the Santa story – links below.

Further reading:

Santa flasher

Exercise Myths Waste Your Time (Life) And Money

Chalkboard- facts and mythsFor a long time now I have cherished truth over my opinion and those of others; including so-called industry professionals. Facts, truth and science matter.

Many of us dislike exercise for a variety of reasons. One of these can be boredom. We do however need to make sure our bodies get the right exercise because if we do not, then we violate ‘natural law‘ and will pay a penalty – if not now; in the future.

Spending valuable time, and money, on unnecessary exercise is a terrible waste. Life is short.

The key is to avoid exercise myths and find out what your body needs. Really. Truly.

Unfortunately, we cannot always rely on fitness industry professionals, doctors or other ‘learned’ individuals.

Today I came across an article in Britain’s Daily Mail:

Top five physiotherapy myths busted by world’s largest physiotherapy clinical research group, which has the largest physiotherapy clinical research website anywhere: PEDro (Physiotherapy Evidence Database).

Just one quote from the Daily Mail article is:

2. Stretching prevents injury and muscle soreness in recreational runners  ‘Stretching before and after a run makes no difference to injuries and muscle soreness’

This PEDro page says: The evidence from randomised studies suggests that muscle stretching, whether conducted before, after, or before and after exercise, does not produce clinically important reductions in delayed-onset muscle soreness in healthy adults.

If you asked your personal trainer or other similar person about this issue you would probably get the wrong answer. A personal trainer very recently told me that stretching reduces muscle soreness!

Disappointing eh!

What else don’t these ‘learned professionals’ know? Worrying eh?

This underlines the need for YOU to take personal responsibility for finding out the truth. Sure, we can delegate and get help from various people – and that can be an excellent thing – however we should find top-notch people and check stuff.

People waste lots of time doing exercise that is not needed and in some cases get injured as a result. And then there is the wasted money. Some exercise professionals are really ‘sheep shearers’ with an unhealthy interest in your cash. But you are not a ‘sheep’. Hopefully.

Here’s an unusual tip…spend time reading the Daily Mail health related articles. Over the years I have learned a lot that has helped me immensely. Including what kind of exercise is good for me, and for how long. I even got critical information about a gut related health issue that a consultant surgeon and general practitioners (physicians) had failed to tell me. Needless to say, my impression of them dropped considerably.

The bottom line of course is that YOU need to take personal responsibility for your health. To many doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other ‘physical professionals’ you are just a number and a ‘money thing’. In fact, some years ago I had a de-facto partner who was a university lecturer with a Ph.D in Biology. She told me that when she was studying she had a lot to do with medical students, and that most (she did not say all) were studying medicine because of the money potential and not because they cared about people, or the field of medicine.

I had asthma from childhood – it was not diagnosed until my mid 30’s and then only partially. It was not until my mid 40’s that I got the full diagnosis – exercise induced asthma – when a consultant surgeon friend phoned me at home about another matter and asked a series of questions about my being somewhat out of breath when I answered the phone (I had run in from outside).

Taking personal responsibility, finding genuinely elite health/exercise/metal health professionals and checking facts takes work. But it’s worth it. If you value your health, well-being, money and time of course.

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