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Why Santa Sucks If You Are A Parent

Santa Claus and little boyIt’s the Santa time of year.

When I visit the mall at Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast, I see hordes of gullible young children queuing up to see Santa.

But Santa sucks.


Because Santa helps to destroy trust between parent and child.

Many parents love to lie to their kids about Christmas bullshit – but how does it help their relationship? Trust, ethics and so on? Just because it is fun to the child does not make it right.

And how will kids feel when ridiculed by their peers because of something lying mummy or daddy said? That will be the parents’ fault.

The trust between a child and parent is a beautiful and precious thing. Santa works hard to destroy this.

If you feed your child Santa shit, then deep in their psyche, on a subconscious level, one day your children will learn that you are not trustworthy. How do you think that will impact upon their self esteem?

And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse……there are two more reasons why Santa sucks:

  1. Many pedophiles get jobs as Santa Claus. Think about it carefully – nonces love to spend time with children and most rock spiders would find having kids sit on their knee sexually exciting. One of the ‘best’ jobs for child abusers is that of Santa. Not all Santas are pedophiles of course. Let me ask you this though…can you guarantee that the Santa your child goes to schmooze with is NOT a paedophile? Of course you can’t. People who understand spiritual energy, like myself of course, realise that being close to such a grotesque person (should your Santa in fact be a pedo) is not a good experience, and especially not for a child.
  2. Look carefully around the crowd watching the Santa crap queue. Some will be pedophile men carefully studying the children – see if you can spot men showing an unhealthy interest in children and a sleazy energy. Ladies…many of you know how you feel when some sleazy guy looks at you. That’s party because of the ‘energy’ thing I spoke of earlier. Well, your kids could be subject to that while waiting in the Santa queue (and it will be your fault).

Like I said, Santa sucks.

Get over it.

Apologise to your children.

Perhaps help your children learn more about the Shamanic ‘aspects’ of the Santa story – links below.

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