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Testimonial From Long Term Employee Facing Change

Here is a testimonial received from a lady facing change after a long term of employment with the same organisation.

“I consulted Alex in June 2012 when I was changing direction in my career after working for a large public service type transport company for almost 18 years.  After being in one job for so long, change can be traumatic however Alex was able to school me on the latest technology for job-hunting and to steer me in the right direction facilitating an updated on-line Resume.  Alex is extremely perceptive and was able to ignite a positive thought process in me that engaged my confidence thereby increasing my chances of a successful career transition. Additionally Alex is superb at targeting and destroying blockages that have stopped people reaching their goals both in their personal and career life.  I would recommend using Alex to facilitate a positive, enlightened change to your life direction.  Brenda Brett