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Spain’s Psychological Shame

SpainWhat’s the matter with Spain?

Before I begin, let’s define some terms…

By Spain, I mean Spain the country AND the ‘public psyche’ (large numbers of citizens creating the ‘group mind’).

Spanish authorities, from the highest level down to local government, have failed to protect bulls from severe animal abuse.

These Spanish authorities have also failed to protect their citizens from the psychological evils of being involved – either directly or vicariously – in large-scale and persistent animal abuse.

Many people will have heard of the barbaric practice of bull fighting which large numbers of Spaniards enjoy.

Today however I want to highlight the dreadful “Joy of the Bull – or Toro de Jubilo”. This is a ‘festival’ where live animals (bulls) are set on fire and further tormented, while local men vie to show their ‘bravery’ in the presence of the traumatized and enraged animal. Members of the public jump into the ring to aggravate the animal, adding to its confusion and terror.

Have a look at this article for pictures of the cruelty perpetrated at Joy of the Bull – or Toro de Jubilo” :

Horror at Spanish festival where live animals are set on fire: Protesters clash with police in bid to stop cruel tradition

In many countries, cruelty such as seen in the photos is a criminal act and subject to severe penalties.

We should not need penalties to deter us from animal cruelty though – that is…if we are psychologically sound and balanced people.

One of the core reasons why people behave in cruel ways toward animals is that there is something the matter with them – they are not ‘right in the head’.

When we look at the photos of the crowds enjoying the suffering of the bull (calling the festival ‘Joy of the Bull’ is another sign of just how mentally sick they are) we note that these people are sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, grandparents and so on. Many of them have jobs. As such they will have ‘ordinariness’ to their lives – just like you and me. Their tastes in extreme animal cruelty however are not normal, or acceptable, however.

Let’s look at this issue of ‘normalcy’ some more…

I quote from just one article: Animal Abuse and Human Abuse: Partners in Crime

Acts of cruelty to animals are not mere indications of a minor personality flaw in the abuser; they are symptomatic of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there—many of them move on to their fellow humans. “Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids,” says Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

People enjoying the Joy of the Bull – or Toro de Jubilo” show symptoms of a deep mental disturbance. The men directly involved, far from exhibiting bravery, simply show how crazed and vile they are. Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with their being near children or pets.

One of the responsibilities of the state (government) is to safeguard the populace from activities harmful to themselves, health, mental health, other people and animals. Another state responsibility is to set a good example and lead with such. Spain, from a federal level down to local government, is failing in this respect because they have not banned animal cruelty concerning bulls in bull fights and other torturous events such as Joy of the Bull – or Toro de Jubilo”.

So why is this type of animal abuse allowed to persist in Spain? A core reason will be numbers. Large numbers of Spaniards approve of and enjoy animal cruelty. If it were not so, things would have changed.

There are of course good Spaniards and we should be grateful for them. Unfortunately there is a heck of lot of scummy Spaniards who have no shame, and show symptoms of deep mental disturbance. The most chilling aspect of all is that they don’t seem to want to do anything about it. Remember that when considering your next holiday and go somewhere else. Be kind to animals – it’s good for your mental health.

Further reading and useful links:

  1. Animal Cruelty and the Sadism of Everyday Life | Psychology Today Among other things; presents an alternate view about whether animal cruelty is a good predictor of later violence against humans.
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Animal abuse






Moving Testimonial About Healing From Inner Pain

Hi Alex ,
How have you been?  Hopefully this year has started off well for you. You`d be happy to know, I finally got my license & bought a car , so a whole new chapter full of family events & adventure has begun.
Sadly , my stepdad passed away from his debilitating disease ( schelraderma ) about 6 months ago. Visiting him in hospital was tough whilst he was subdued over a 2 week period , fighting infection before passing. I`ll never forget shortly after, standing over his empty shell , I could feel him put his warm arms around me. With Spirit`s help , I was able to console my mum & other family members during the following 2 weeks & keep my own emotions under control. My meditation has helped me to hear him tell me he`s ok  & that his feet & hands , which were badly infected , are all better now. 
On a happier note , I still continue to feed & interact with many creatures , & in return receive their guidance & affection, especially cats. I`ve been listening to Steven D Farmer`s guided meditation ( the one you once introduced me to ) , asking my animal spirits for help with some family matters. This has proved to be successful , & much quicker than I thought too. I went collecting quartz & crystals from a local creek recently , & now have had several dreams about walking on crystals ,feeling like they are protecting me during my sleep state. I need to do more research on this. I asked Spirit to help me find a new career path , & am now manufacturing & assisting in the installation of blinds & curtains. It`s only 5 minutes drive from home , so suddenly we have much more time together & no more working weekends. Yay !
It`s now an exciting time for Rochelle & I , as we are now engaged. I proposed to her last weekend, standing over a waterfall  up at Springbrook N.P. 
It was a perfect day. 
I will be forever grateful for the way you helped me remove the pain I carried for so long & helping me to tune into the spiritual world. I can now see so much more beauty & love in everyday things. So again thankyou Alex.
Well, Rochelle sends her best to you & maybe soon down the track we can meet up for lunch or something.
Best regards.

Chris Mead

My Notes:

  • Email reproduced with kind permission
  • No auto or other correction has been applied
  • Springbrook National Park (Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing)
  • [easyazon_link asin=”1401917682″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”amzn06a-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guide CD: A Meditation Journey[/easyazon_link]
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What Can We Learn From The Piano Duet With Peter The Elephant?


This is a ‘cute video’.

It’s fun too, however that is not my reason for highlighting it.

The video of Peter the elephant shows that animals have ‘person hood’ – as such it should be harder to do bad things to them. Should be, however life is littered with examples of our ‘lack of soul’.

Because animals have been depersonalised in our society – religious teaching has contributed much of this – it is ‘easier’ to do bad stuff to them. At circuses, factory farms, when we move and abandon pets at ‘pet concentration camps’ (so called shelters where they carry out executions) and much more…

In war, it is much easier to kill an enemy if he has first been ‘demonized’ or depersonalised. Ground attack pilots find it easier to kill people because they can’t see what is happening in the same way as an infantryman can – distance in this case helps foster a depersonalisation effect.

How you treat animals is a key aspect of psychological profiling. It gives an indication of the type of character you have deep inside. Have a think about that. (And if you want help changing your deep conditioning in your subconscious please get in touch).

Think about how you can change your relationship to animals today. In any case, besides improving the lot of animals, it will make you a better father, husband, wife, son etc.

What kind of soul are you? Really?

Family Cat Saves Young Child From Dangerous Dog – Video – And More…

I love this video of a family cat coming to rescue a young child who was under attack from a loose and dangerous dog.

As soon as the cat counter attacks, the much larger dog runs off.

After seeing the dog off, the cat went back to check on the child and smartly traveled via the underneath of the car – besides being the most direct route it was tactically wise.

It troubles me that multitudes of people in the community have such limited and even irresponsible attitudes toward their pets (and to other people).

Pets have deep feelings and cats, which are seen as ‘aloof’ by many, can be extremely loving; and in this case, protective also.

Too many people give up their pets when moving home – the right attitude should be to find a home where you can keep the animal. Pets are for life. Many pets left at so-called ‘shelters’ by house movers, and others, are executed (let’s be honest now – none of this ‘euthanasia’ stuff) if they are surplus, hard to re-home, infirm, weak or mentally scarred.

We have a cat called Sally, whom we adopted from a Queensland no-kill rescue organisation (Wildcats Queensland). Sally was 11 when we adopted her in October last year. Originally from Sydney, Sally was abandoned by her owners when they moved house. A kindly lady from further down the street saved her – which is why we know Sally’s original name. Sally was taken to a shelter by the lady, however later, when her rescuer heard that she was 4 hours away from being executed, the lady contacted Wildcats and asked if they had room. Wildcats said yes, and the lady paid for Sally’s airfare to Queensland. Sally was with Wildcats for over a year before we adopted her. Now, Sally is a healthy cat who looks, and behaves, much younger than her years would suggest.

So, why was Sally scheduled for execution we wonder? Sally is beautiful and has a lovely nature. We suspect that her age was a factor, and also that she had been badly traumatised which meant that she was nervous and exhibited some psychological issues – though none were extreme. Shelters tend to execute animals with behavioural problems. Since Sally has been with us I have conducted ‘mind healing’ on her and she is much improved. So much so that a close friend commented that she is a different cat very soon after I did the first session. Since then I have done more.

A bit more on ‘mind healing’ for animals – animal communication…

I am able to empathise with animals. I mentally and spiritually connect with them, as well as channel healing ‘energy’. The results with Sally speak for themselves. People notice. As do my human clients. Results are what matter. I make animals aware that they are loved and that they can let go and heal from their trauma. Loving animals is not enough of itself – you need to be able to penetrate deep into their psyche. This ability is part and parcel of my calling and work as a Shaman.

Finally a brief word on irresponsible dog owners – there are too many such people around these days…dogs are not just an animal – among other things, they can be a powerful force for good or ill. The dog in the video projected power in a horrid way and someone was responsible, or should I say – irresponsible. That person(s) injured the child, which could have died. That makes them (the dog owner/s) scum in my book. Perhaps I should use a stronger word…

I will write a detailed article about the problems of irresponsible dog ownership, and of dangerous dog ownership, in due course.

More: Hero feline that saved boy from dog attack will ‘throw first pitch’ at minor league baseball game

Here are some pictures of Sally – click on images for larger versions.

[shareprints gallery_id=”5355″ gallery_type=”squares” gallery_position=”pos_center” gallery_width=”width_100″ image_size=”xlarge” image_padding=”0″ theme=”dark” image_hover=”false” lightbox_type=”slide” captions=”true” comments=”true” sharing=”true”]

Cats And Ducklings – A Hearty Meal – Not What You Think – Video

This is one of the best videos I have seen in a while. Heart-warming, touching…

I love cats. I love birds. Just not together. Well, not usually anyway.

Make sure you watch the video to the end – it’s surprising.

Besides the fuzzy feel good effect, the video shows us how thinking stereotypes and labels can limit our expectations.

Nice couple too.

Book – "Animals In Combat" – Is It Right To Use Animals In This Way?

Animals in combat.

For millennia, animals have been used in combat by varied cultures around the world.

Nigel Allsopp has recently published a new book: [easyazon_link asin=”1742575137″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”amzn06a-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Animals In Combat[/easyazon_link]

Mr Allsopp has extensive knowledge on the subject of animals in combat, having served in both the military and police, working with animals; particularly dogs.

In times past, especially prior to 50 years ago, the use of animals in combat has been a ‘given’ – not something that significant numbers of people would have questioned. Not so today.

What has changed? The change seems odd too because society is becoming nastier today, except in certain key areas such as animal rights.

[easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”1742575137″ cloaking=”default” layout=”top” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”amzn06a-20″]

Years ago, if we had not used animals in combat, history would be very different on a massive scale. Think cavalry horse for the most obvious example. War dogs, war elephants, pigeons, among others, have also played significant roles.

Today we do not have the same ‘need’ for combat animals – most cavalry are now armoured vehicles. Additionally these days, animal rights have rightly become more prominent in the public psyche, though I am not sure why.

We humans ‘do stuff’ to animals because we can. At times we behave unethically and even cruelly. We humans do terrible things to other humans, including waging unjust wars.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves whether we should use animals in combat only if we have had a need to do so, and declined? Otherwise, are we running the risk of being ‘armchair theorists’? Some food for thought eh!

If we re-frame the perspective of the question, it might help…

Should we use animals in combat if it will give us a much improved chance of beating an aggressor?

My late father-in-law was, from the age of 14 – 17, engaged in combat operations as a Partisan against the Waffen SS in Yugoslavia in World War Two. During this time he and his comrades, who lived in tunnels deep within forests, used donkeys to move supplies around. A big fear that the partisans had was that the donkeys might make a noise (bray etc), thus alerting the Germans to the presence of their enemies. Without the use of donkeys, the partisans would have been severely limited and more people (and perhaps animals too) would have suffered as a result.

Whether or not we should use animals in combat is a difficult question. An easier one is how.

World War Two Yugoslav Partisan with Submachine Gun

Joseph Aksionov – World War Two Yugoslav (Russian) Partisan with Submachine Gun – Age 17, 1945