“Shamanism helped me ‘rewire and rebuild’ my emotionally, mentally, and spiritually damaged mind.”

Alex Rowan

#neuroplasticity #mentalhealth #neuroscience #psychology

Interestingly, and among other things;

  • Significant aspects of Shamanism work regardless of belief, provided one ‘does’ them – this is due to ‘natural law‘.
  • Progress can be made regardless of one’s personal belief system, spirituality or religion (or lack of). Law helps with this too.
  • Shamanism is humanity’s original spirituality – before we became religious. It is not a religion.
  • Multitudes of people practice aspects of Shamanism and do not even know it.
  • Aspects of Shamanism are ‘built into’ a wide variety of religions and spiritual systems, and daily life.
  • Shamanism is more normal than most people think.
  • Shamanism is not what most people think it is.




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