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Tea And Subconscious Conditioning

Exotic green tea with flowers in glass teapot on bright backgroundOur subconscious minds are the source of so much trouble and angst in our lives yet most people do nothing about sorting out the issues.

Why is this?

One core reason is that most people do not realise they have issues with their subconscious minds.

So what does tea have do with our subconscious mind?

A lot actually.

I am in my early 50’s and was raised/dragged up during 1960’s Britain, seeking asylum from the European Union in Australia when I was 20. As such, I am old enough both in years and ‘culturally’,to remember the days when tea bags were still a novelty and somewhat culturally unacceptable. Gotta have a ‘proper’ cup of tea you know. Wikipedia comments: “Tetley, the British tea company that introduced tea bags in the United Kingdom in 1953” here. Back in the day, I interacted with many ‘old school’ people who would only drink tea made from loose leaves.

Drinking tea made with loose leaves meant that a tea strainer was an essential piece of equipment; that is if you didn’t want tea leaves to decorate your teeth. Many people, including myself at the time, drank tea with sugar. Significant numbers of tea leaf fragments survived the tea strainer and often mixed with ‘excess’ sugar (the physics of why are beyond me) at the bottom of the tea cup. This ‘mess’ was commonly known as the ‘dregs’ and few people drank it, preferring to leave a small amount in their cup which was then thrown away.

Today I very rarely drink caffeinated tea (or decaffeinated for that matter), I gave up sugar in tea years ago anyway and have long defected to the ‘teabag camp’. Yet…I still leave ‘dregs’ in my tea mug, despite consciously knowing that it is fine to drink them. In fact, not to is wasteful. I know this is more than just a habit because when I try to ‘improve’, I sense/feel an aversion to drinking the dregs, even though I know there is no reason not to.

So what is happening?

My subconscious mind, programmed back in the 1960’s, is still in control of my ‘tea’ drinking.

I could, if I wish, reprogram my subconscious mind and will do so. So far however, I haven’t bothered for various reasons. The dregs of tea is after all a low priority issue. Well, I hope so.

A core aspect of my work today involves helping and showing people how to fix their subconscious mind issues, including phobias.

Simply speaking…if you don’t fix your subconscious mind issues, they will run your life for you.

Anyway, back to my cup of herbal tea.

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