Subconscious Mind Coaching


Altering and using your subconscious mind effectively is the secret to a great life.


Partly because the subconscious mind is the ‘real’ you.

Subconscious Mind Coaching is one of my two core areas of experience and expertise. (The other is Shamanism).

Mostly, everything else I help people with springs from, and depends upon, this. That includes Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Counselling, Business Coaching and so on.

I work at the deep foundational level and at that point help people gain the greatest leverage. If you want to construct a solid building you need good foundations.

Consider this:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”Carl Jung

This is actually one of the most important quotes ever!


Because subconscious/unconscious conditioning and other crap that we all have ‘running’ below the level of our awareness is controlling our lives. As Jung says, people call this control, fate.

I know this from deep and extensive personal experience.

A key reason I recovered from severe mental illness (primarily parent inflicted) was because I accessed and ‘healed’ my deep subconscious.

So, I will paraphrase the quote:

“Until you heal your subconscious/unconscious, it will control your life, ‘make’ you do ‘unhelpful’ things and you, being in the ‘dark’, will think that what happens is either ‘meant to be’ or that it ‘cannot be helped’. You will also think that you know ‘truth’, when instead you are ‘blinded’ by conditioning. You will always be a slave to what others once said, did to you, or caused you to experience.”

Sucks huh?

Whatever you are doing in life, whoever you are, you will benefit from my experience.

….those thoughts you can’t control…those thoughts you are only vaguely aware of…and, worst of all, those thoughts you don’t know about; but which are holding you back.

Generally, I work with exceptional people who want to increase their ‘edge’, or with people who are determined change and to excel. Are you one of those?

If so, contact me today.

More: Subconscious Mind Change Series.

Mind key

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

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